Fiona Cologne Youthful Bliss

4.8 5 0 23 23 Fiona Cologne Premium Fragrance has a gentle, fresh fragrance with a pleasant combination of scents to leave your skin smelling clean and fresh. It has several fragrances to choose from: Raspberry Drops, Cool Burst, Youthful Bliss, Pretty Mist, Snow Breeze, Bubbly Pink and Ice Glacier.
Fiona Cologne Youthful Bliss


OG Teenage Perfume
Like ang lakas niyang maka bagets pag naamoy to. Literal na amoy baby ka. Fav ko to nung highschool days and even now nabili pa din ako.
I used this when I was a teenager, I like the scent, I makes me feel comfortable, but it doesn't last long, maybe it just stays for an hour, but it's understandable because it's alcohol based.
Sweet smell
This is my cologne when i was high school until now this is what i use everyday. I really love that scent so much
Missing the days
Missing those days when I'm in highscool. I always chose this cologne and i even tried all of them fiona. This one only last for awhile the scent is so good.. But cucumber is my favorite.
Perfect youth experience
This fruity cologne is budget friendly for young ages. It gives refreshing fruity scent that make you feel fresh all day. Perfect for young ones..Yes Girl friends will love this.
fiona cologne
this cologne is my childhood scent since i always bring this in school when i was in elementary and i always bring it home empty
Best cologne
Im a mom of 2 girls. Been constant looking for a cologne that has sweet smell and would stay longer specially in summer. This is my best cologne for that season. I highly recommended it.
I remember using this as my perfume when I was in high school and yes, I also remember some people asking what my perfume is as it keeps you all day long smelling like an innocent chic baby HAHAHHA
Perfume of 90's Kid
Perfume of every Kikay Highschool student way back in my time, Affordable Yet you will smells good.
Bringing back memories
This perfume is the must buy items during high school days! If you're wearing this cologne, you are a trendsetter. But nowadays parang hindi na siya ganun ka-relevant cause teenagers are opting now for branded perfumes instead of the cheaper ones.
This product really reminds me of my highschool days.. Its always my cologne.. mabango sya and mura..
I love how its smell
I just bought it in a small store, and it is very affordable. I love the scent, I even use it multiple times a day also the packaging how it is made smaller which can be easily put in my pocket or my sling bag.
Personal review
Super bango bagay na bagay sa mga taong mahilig lumabas, maggala hnd ka talaga mag aamoy usok o pawis palagi ko rin ito gamit sa work dahl sa field ako kaya gustong gusto ko to
Hi guys super bango noting product na to at smeell good and super fresh pag ginamit ko tong pabango nato para Kung bagong laging panganak kahit kunti Lang ang ilagay mu umaabot mg 24 hours
I really love this cologne. I've actually been using this brand for over seven years now. The scent is perfect for teens and those who want to smell playful and bubbly. This is also very affordable! You can now smell good at a pocket and wallet friendly price. Given that it's affordable, it doesn't last that long. Personally, the scent only last up to 3 hours for me and after that I need to apply again. Overall, it's a great product.

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