KitKat Salted Caramel Cookies 4-Finger

4.9 5 0 16 16 Make your break even more enjoyable with KitKat® Salted Caramel Cookies– the perfect pairing of KitKat®’s delicious milk chocolate with its signature crispy wafer and the sensorial crisp of salted caramel biscuit crumbles will surely uplift your mood and elevate your snacking experience.
KitKat Salted Caramel Cookies 4-Finger


I love it try this guys especially to those people who always want chocolate. It helps to relieves my stress and it helps me to satisfy my inner child feeling, i will recommend this one
Favourite chocolate ever
The first time I tried this is when I went to the airport and buy chocolates. It was indeed solid for a person like me who really loves salted caramel. I'm a fan of salted caramel, whether its for milk tea chocolate. Icecream haha.
Kitkat review
This is my alltimate favorite since I was a kid, Kitkat is so yummy boosts my energy in entire day.
It is my favorite among all the kitkat various flavor, the caramel flavor is hust right not too sweet and too salted.
Fave flavor
I love kitkat since I was a child. Someone gave me this flavor to try and on the first bite I swore it became my favorite flavor, rank 1 of all the flavors of kitkat I have tasted.
A Sweet and Salty Delight
As a fan of both KitKat and salted caramel, I was excited to try the KitKat Salted Caramel Cookies, and they did not disappoint. These cookies are the perfect blend of sweet and salty, providing a delightful treat for your taste buds. The packaging of these cookies is eye-catching, featuring the iconic KitKat branding with a tempting image of the cookies themselves. The resealable bag is a thoughtful touch, ensuring that the cookies stay fresh between indulgences. Upon opening the bag, a tantalizing aroma of caramel wafts out, immediately setting the stage for the taste experience. Each cookie is generously studded with KitKat pieces and salted caramel chips, giving them a rich, tempting appearance. The taste of these cookies is a perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness. The classic KitKat pieces embedded in the cookie provide a satisfying crunch and a familiar cocoa flavor, while the salted caramel chips offer a burst of sweetness with a hint of salt that complements the chocolate
satisfies me all the time
this Kit Kat has always amazed me since childhood now with added salted caramel, believe me, I crave more.
It's a so good snack that melt in your mouth when u eat this..So delicious thats why also my kids love this chocolate wafer
Another One
It’s perfect as a go-to anytime snack. The taste makes me want to eat another one
KitKat chocolate
Super sarap nito, gustong gusto ko talaga ang lasa
delicious, creamy chocolate that is fun to break and snack on
So yummy choco
I tried this and my kids they really love and cant resist the delicious and yummy taste of kitkat wafer..
Havr a break have a kitkat!
I love salted caramel!!! The first time I saw this I grabbed 2, after trying i loved it and now part of our list always!
Take a break. eat Kitkat
I always love eating kitkat during my break. specially this salted caramel. always partnered with cold drinks.
KITKAT give a Break
I have no video or photo. But i love this lil one. When I was working in office, this line in commercial of this product reminds me "lets take a break". Everytime I had my break i eat KITKAT. After eating its Satisfying and back on work with smile.

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