LUXE ORGANIX Rosewater Soothing Gel

4.9 5 0 170 170 This product contains whitening beads for brighter skin. It helps to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized throughout the day. Controls oil production and reduces appearance of enlarged pores. Brightens and evens out skin tone. Made in South Korea
LUXE ORGANIX Rosewater Soothing Gel


So nice...
Sobrang love ko to sana makarecieve ng product nato.. Really help my skin moisturize..
really effective and true to its promises
I can say that it made my face brighter than other brightening skincare products! It is a really effective product. I had breakouts on the first week.
Blooming grail
I so love this soothing gel of Luxe! I tried using the snail one and it's also good but this one is on a different level of brightening! It brightens your skin with a rosy glow on your cheeks! So fetch!
Love it!
I love this applying to my skin. It feels fresh and smooth all day long.
Luxe Gel
I really like this gel it moisturize my skin i apply this everynight, its non dry to my skin all over my body. thats why i love this,
This soothing gel is perfect for dry skin like mine. I use it every night to moisturize my face and other part of my body. This is very affordable. Add other variants and scents with active ingredients.
I love the feeling after applied.smooooth
Luxe organix soothing gel
I see a random yt video about this product and the result on her was good. I was curious so I buy this item and luckily it works on me. I would buy it again and again 😃
Perfect for Dry skin
Tried this once since my skin is naturally oily 😁 my sisters are using it for a long time so i gave it a shot. 1st the smell is really nice it helps you relax 2nd it really helps your skin to be moisturized as I mention Im naturally oil and it doubles my oiliness 😁. So this is a 👍🏻 for dry skin 🥰
> If you're not fan of rosewater / floral scents, then this is not for you. > Very moisturizing. I use this as overnight mask since it's not easily absorbed as compared to the Aloe Vera and Snail (orange) variant. > As to brightening, I did't notice anything significant.
Best Soothing Gel
I am currently using this product on my face and its effect is excellent! Dark spots lightened up, and tiny bumps were gone. A great moisturizer to use during the daytime, even at night before going to bed. :)
The Best
This soothing gel helps my acne bumps to lessen. I really love this because it moisturize my skin and face. I also use this at my underarm and it whitens and smoothen my underarm. It is hydrating and has good smell
Worked on my body skin
I was excited to try thing rose so I bought this one. When I used it on my face I felt kinda sticky for me so I ended up using it on my body. It worked well, I noticed my skin is more moisturized and honestly, I prefer gel lotions compared to cream lotions
I love soothing gels. I like how they made the packaging. the gel feels nice on the skin. it's budget friendly as well.
It's not just hydrate skin
I've been using this this since December 2020. But before I use this I already tried the Luxxe Organix aloe vera soothing gel. I was amaze when I first use the aloe vera soothing gel. But when I use this rose water soothing gel I was more shock than ever. Not only it hydrates my skin I also notice it also lighten my dark spot like pimple mark and hyperpigmentation. It contains naicinamide which help lighten the scars in my face. Overall this product is surprisingly amazing. It comes with a mini spatula to use to not contaminate product( Pls do like my review if it help u thank u so much XOXO)

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