Tuff Naturals Bathroom & Toilet Bowl Cleanser

4.9 5 0 34 34 Tuff Naturals Bathroom & Toilet Bowl Cleanser remove toughest stains, rust, limescale, molds, and mildew with hospital-grade Killer Virex formula that kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Added with Green Apple fragrance made with ingredients of natural origin, added with Tea Tree Oil, leaving a pleasant scent
Tuff Naturals Bathroom & Toilet Bowl Cleanser


Finally! Nice smelling bowl cleaner
Love the fruity scent of this toilet bowl cleaner. It's not only smelling good, it also does its job quite effectively. True to it's name, this product is TOUGH on dirt and stains!
This product remove dirt easily, and it makes my cleaning easy too. I feel comfortable when I sit on the toilet. Hopefully you can put a little scent to make it smell better, thank you! I love this.
Effectiveness 99.9%
This is a very helpful product for our family because it is very legit it can remove stains in our toilet, so our toilet always look clean and super white, I recommend this product try this now
A Truly Excellent Product
This product was really really nice because it makes our toilet like a brand new coz it make it more whitener than my teeth, and because of that we use it also to our tiles and some things to whiten it. Greatly and thankful for this product.
Hindi masakit sa ilong
Effective sa pagtanggal ng dumi at molds. Nagustuhan ko ang amoy dahil hindi masakit sa ilong.
Tuff is so tough
This product is very effective to remove the dirt/stains on your bowl. For sure, it can kill microorganisms like germs. I recommend it to all mommies out there.
effective and kills bacteria
This is the perfectlyCleans and deodorizes tiles and toilet bowl Leaving it white and clean to look at . I really like the smell when I use it after using comfort room I'm regular customer of personal collection
Excellent Product
It smells amazing that doesn't have strong smell and leaves a refreshing scent in my bathroom. It really removes yellow stains, molds , hard water stains and rust easily. I love this product it is also affordable.
Malinis at mabango
Eto gamit namin sa panlinis ng cr or kahit sa pang mop namin pang linis din ng kitchen ambilis makatanggal ng dumi at mabango pa.
Cleans perfectly
Cleans and deodorizes tiles and toilet bowl perfectly. Leaving it white and clean to look at. Concentrated so you can dilute
Very effective product.
Im using this product in our tiles and it serves its purpose. it whitens our tiles and cleared molds in our washroom.
Tuff Cleaner
The best, so far, in cleaning any surface, especially in the toilet.
Tuff Naturals & Toilet Bowl Cleanser
Tuff Naturals & Toilet Bowl Cleanser is my number one partner or should i say my best partner in cleaning our home, specially our restrooms .. Tuff is so amazing when it comes to cleaning
Great cleaning agent
My mom recommended this product to me since she's the one that uses this for quite some time now. It's great in melting the dirt on your floor tiles, you just have to leave it for a few minutes then it will be easy for you to scrub out the dirt plus it smells nice, it doesn't hurt my nose.
Good scent and does the job
Been using this brand for a while now. I love the scent since it's not that strong and it gives that refreshing and soft kind of smell that I love in my bathroom. Not too overpowering.

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