4.7 5 0 41 41 AVEENO® Baby Daily Care Baby Wipes cleanse gently but efficiently. Its formula contains oat and aloe extracts and leaves delicate and dry baby skin hydrated and protected. The wipes are mild and gentle and can be used all over the body, even on sensitive skin.
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Used these on my son how had bad nappy rash! There are amazing, really soft and gentle and smell lovely. Helped loads, I also tried them on my face an my skin felt so clean and soft.
Good for sensitive skin
Loved using these wipes for my baby they leave a soft touch and she’s sensitive because she has excema and I love all the aveeno range which has helped her
Love these wipes!
Having loved the creams I was happy to see the wipes. Lovely and very soothing.
Great baby wipes
I love these wipes they are great for sensitive skin as well as baby skin. They are great value
Thumbs up
Enjoyed these wipes, as a new mum I have tried a lot of wipes! Strong yet sensitive. I had these wipes as part of a baby hamper from a friend. Really enjoyed using them and the scent. The Aveeno baby range is expensive and although I enjoyed using them, the amount I get through with a newborn I can't justify the price.. Maybe when she's older and I'm not using so many in one day.
Too much hype
I've tried out lots of baby wipes and as good as these are, they are just so expensive! Yes they are great for sensitive skin not just for babies but adults as well, I just think it's was too pricey to pay for wipes. There are quite a few brands that are a lot cheaper that do the job just as good.
Love it!
Love these! Having two little bums to wipe couple of times a day I went through quite few brands and wouldnt change these. Its strong, but delicate for those little fingers and bottoms :)
Strong & Gentle
Perfect for babies and adults ,i keep a pack of these in my handbag for when we are out and about as babies getting messy after feeding , there was lovely and moist but not soaking wet like some other brands and they was easy pulled out from the packet not bringing the whole lot with them, my son gets dry skin sometimes in winter around his neck and these helped a lot with adding moisture not taking it away, i use these myself to remove make up when i'm in a rush also and they are kind to my sensitive skin
Soft and non irritating
Absolutely love these wipes. Great for baby and adults. I have super sensitive skin and they are so soft and gentle and non irritating. Love ❤
Beautiful wipes
I love these wipes and although There are tons on the market these are great. They’re soft, don’t cause irritation and great for babies and children as we as adults, great for sensitive skin. Recommended to all.
Natural, strong wipes
As a new mum, I want to use something that is soothing and natural on my daughter to prevent her from skin rashes and these do exactly that, giving me so much peace of mind.
Smells oaty
Pretty good wipes only downside was the smell, I found the smell was a bit porridge like.
So kind and gentle on the skin!
I use these on my little one as he has had a lot of problems with his skin in the past so we try to use products that won’t irritate it. These wipes are the most gently and kind to our little ones skin and they smell amazing!!
Loved this product
These are lovely and soft for baby, I love the plastic lid which makes opening and closing keeping the wipes wet much better and convenient, having a big pack means you don't have to go buy more to quickly.
Very good product
I used water wipes before and it was good but definitely too expensive so I decided to try something cheaper. my twins have very sensitive skin and these wipes are not worse it. In addition, the packaging is much more convenient, so the wipes do not dry.

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