3.9 5 0 26 26 Tomato sauce stuffed crust pizza topped with BBQ sauce and loaded with peppers, onions, jackfruit and dairy-free mozzarella.
Chicago Town Vegan Sticky BBQ Jackfruit Pizza
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Terrible flavour
I feel this has just too much going on. The crust seems to overtake everything else, there is just to much of it and hardly any toppings
Actually bought the vegan option by accident but was pleasantly surprised. Its was tasty and the kids also enjoyed it. Honestly I don't think I would of noticed it was vegan if I didn't read the packaging!
Very tasty!!! Love it!!!!!!! Easy to make delicious pizza!!
Great pizza, could be even better
Great flavours, really enjoyed this pizza. They really missed a trick not putting vegan cheese in the stuffed crust though...thats the point right?! More topping would be better too, very little jackfruit although generous with the cheese.
Great Pizza, really delicious and would definetely try again.
Best vegan pizza out there
Me and my wife have been vegan for 6 months now and one of the things we miss is pizza until this Chicago town came along it is lovely has a great BBQ taste and the stuffed crust is a bonus you don’t need to be vegan to try this pizza give it a go you won’t be disappointed
Tasty pizza
I really enjoyed this pizza I would recommend it to my friends, Best pizza I have tried for a long time it has a excellent flavour to it I will definitely be buying more of these pizza.
While the jackfruit is a surprisingly tasty alternative to a meat option, the tomato stuffed crust leaves alot to be desired. I believe in this case a cheese stuffed crust or more fittingly a thin crust would be more suitable to the beautiful flavours going on with the toppings.
I've been vegan for years and is hard to find so soft and tasty pizza. I do admit I am not that big fan of the toppings selection and the cheez wasn't the best, but the crust! I love the tomato filling! Absolutely amazing!
Great taste
I have been trying to cut down on meet and to switch to plant baste diet. I can say this pizza is my favourite so far of others out there. The taste was really nice and I liked the stuffed crust. Definitely would recommend to others.
Better than expected!
I've recently been trying to move towards a more plant based diet so was eager to try this! The bbq sauce and veggies were delicious and the base had a good flavour and texture. I did feel the crust was a bit to thick (even for a stuffed crust!) and they could've been more generous with the jack fruit. Overall I Really enjoyed this and wouldnt have known this vegan!
Great for vegans
I have been a vegan for a while and I miss pizza. I usually make my own from scratch but stuffed crust is tricky. This pizza tastes amazing. The jackfruit is lovely and the tomato is yummy. Not too long in the oven and a good price. Highly recommended
Very yummy pizza would get again kids loved it very well made and not to expensive
Delicious, yummy
I picked this up by mistake when I was rushing to get stuff in for a movie evening with friends however it was soooo yummy and I didnt even realise it was vegan until I read the box. Will deffo buy again as it went down a treat, and the crust was amazing too.
A new twist on pizza
I was a bit hesitant to try this I'm not going to lie but hey you only live once so why not try something new when ever you can and I'm really glad I did the crust and dough is the same as all there other pizzas and the same goes with the BBQ sauce with maybe a little bit more tang but with the jack fruit on top it takes it to a whole new level sweet tangy and strangely refreshing va definite must try

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