4.8 5 0 83 83 The cream-gel exfoliant that thirsty skin cannot live without... Fresh Scrub gives your skin a blast of freshness and radiance as it removes impurities and dead skin cells using two different sized natural beads, made from wood cellulose.
Clarins Fresh Scrub
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So soft
I live this scrub, it really clears and cleans the skin and gets in to places other scrubs can't. The top dies not leak and a little goes a long way. Great for price.
Very good and soft on skin
Good quality and so gentle on the skin. Am from dry skin side and it doesn't make my skin patchy or dry after using at all
Best facial scrub ever!
This was given to me as a free sample from the Clarins section of a local store. My skin was left feeling soft, clean and refreshed. It felt like I had actually had a full facial. My foundation definitely felt and looked so much more smother. So much so I went and brought the actual product.
Lovely scrub
I have been using this product two times a week for the last month. It’s great gentle and fresh and smells amazing. Leaves skin feeling rejuvenated and sparkly clean.
Got this as a gift at Christmas and has just ran out, but I’ll definitely be going to buy some more ASAP! It’s a gentle cleanse but does a really good job and leaves my skin feeling super soft for a few days! I use this 3/4 time’s a week and my skin is so much healthier
The best
I’ve tried many exfoliators and this is the best one I’ve used. It leaves your skin smooth and radiant. I would definitely recommend this product and will use it again!
Great Scrub
This product surprised me, the texture of the scrub did leave my skin noticeably smoother without being too harsh. It came in a small tune however, would definitely be a treat purchase, as it would be too pricey to purchase on a regular basis.
Clarins scrub
I am 70yrs old and find this is very gentle on your skin removing all the dead cells. Leaves skin feeling very refreshed.
Really liked
I have a few clarins products and loved this one as much as the others I have. I have dry skin and this left my skin feeling smooth and soft. And it didnt dry my face out either.
I love clarins products and I love a good but gentle cleanser. This product gently exfoliates the skin to leave a lovely dewy glow. Follow up with your clarins moisturizer for a perfect pamper.
Love this
This scrub is amazing. I use this at least twice a week and it makes my skin look clear and feel fresh. It gently removes dead skin. Overall I love clarins product.
Smooth skin
Tried this. I gotta say i loved it. My skin can be pretty dry at times but this helped put some life back into it. I normally get complimented on my skin when its at it's best and ive had a good amount of complaints recently since i started to use this. Would have to be a really good product to make mr switch from this. I definitely recommend giving it a try. If in doubt try find ypur local clarins stand and speak to the person running it and ask any questions you may have. You won't regret it x
would recommend
i used this on slightly damp skin and i was left with a glow to my skin. the scent was nice and clean and the grains are not too sharp so it was not uncomfortable.
Refreshing and effective facial scrub
I love this facial scrub its lovely and gentle on my face non abrasive, leaving my skin feeling softer and refreshed looking. High recommend it is expensive for the size of tube but its well worth it you won't be disappointed after one use.
i love all product of Clarins ,the scrub is really amazing

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