4.8 5 0 242 242 New Dettol Biodegradable Multi Surface Wipes: Biodegradable*: 100% biodegradable wipe material, made with plant-derived fibres Antibacterial Protection: Dettol Cleansing Surface Wipes provide 3x Protection vs Bacteria, Flu Virus and Allergens. Removes 90% allergens: pollen particles, dust mites, pet dander
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Save the environment
I love that these are biodegradable. Just like all over dettol products it smell good and cleans well the only thing for me was the wipes weren’t as strong as regular wipes but I would be willing to swap due to them be biodegradable
Very happy!
Great product and great for the environment. I really love the texture and the smell is lovey. Very happy with these wipes!
Love the smell of dettol my house is full of dettol products I will not clean my house with any other cleaning products
I use these wipes daily, they are very good value for money. I would recommend it as they are very easy to use.
Biodegradable awesomness!
Lets start off by saying round of applause to Dettol for thinking of our planet and taking the steps to make biodegradable wipes. These clean well and smell lovely. The fact that these wipes provide protection against bacteria, flu virus and allergens. And that 90% of allergens are removed, including pollen particles, dust mites and pet dander makes these remarakable. Especially in a household where a person has a low immune system and allergies. They clean well and leave your surfaces sparkling and looking fresh.
I love I love I love these handkerchiefs are great and they convince me that they kill the 99% of bacteria when I use them or wipe in the kitchen the worktop feels better and cleaner I recommend
Compromise to save the planet!
They’re not the best at shifting hard spills and the cloths aren’t as robust as the non-biodegradable sort, but for everyday jobs they perform adequately and I feel better for knowing I’m not adding to the world’s plastic issue.
Detol wipes
These are so handy to have around when you just need to have a quick wipe around. They are so versatile and can be used all around the house. They also smell amazing! I would definitely recommend
Biodegradable is a bonus
With 3 kids, a dog and a cat I am constantly cleaning. These wipes are great for worktops, highchairs and all those other places sticky hands like to grab! They clean quickly and easily and leave a nice fresh smell that isn't overpowering. I like the fact they don't all clump together when removing them from the pack - you can take one wipe out at a time - unlike some cheaper brands. You don't see many cleaning wipes that are biodegradable so that is definitely a bonus too. I would buy these again and recommend them to family and friends.
Love these
Biodegradable is a plus Smell fantastic great for getting the job done A must for everyone’s cleaning essentials
Love these
Love the smell and they get the job done! Easy to use and I love that they’re biodegradable. I would definitely recommend this to a friend, infact I have recommended this to several friends already
Love these
These are my go to cleaning product. Wipe down kitchen surfaces and they dont leave that streaky residue mark on the surface. Even the kids use them now. Wipe down the table, they grab a wipe. Use in bathroom, sides and kitchen. Also smell nice not overpowering. Handy packet. Wipes dont all pull out at once either. I found before I pull a wipe out and I've got half a packet in my hand. Not with these. Highly recommend. Great for the planet too.
Love these
I use these all the time they are quick and easy to use and my flat is sparkling I also love that they are better for the planet than regular cleaning wipes
Environmentally friendly!
Love that these are better for the planet, every little helps in playing our part. I liked the scent of these wipes they weren’t too overpowering and the pack size is adequate. Cleaned thoroughly without leaving any unnecessary residue. I would purchase again and recommend for clearing all hard surfaces around the home.
Great and fast and easy clean
Great to clean up a mess in the kitchen as well as cleaning in the toilet and bathroom and dusting in the living room. So they are a all rounder cleaning and would recommend them to anyone.

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