4.8 5 0 271 271 New Dettol Biodegradable Multi Surface Wipes: Biodegradable*: 100% biodegradable wipe material, made with plant-derived fibres Antibacterial Protection: Dettol Cleansing Surface Wipes provide 3x Protection vs Bacteria, Flu Virus and Allergens. Removes 90% allergens: pollen particles, dust mites, pet dander
Dettol 90 Biogradable Cleanser Wipes
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Great product.
Love Dettol products, especially this one which not only cleans fantastic but takes note of the environment too with the product being biodegradable. Hope more products go in this direction soon.
Love love love
We love all detrol products and the wipes are amazing they smell great and there so handy to quickly wipe and clean my home and they leave me knowing my home is clean and smelling great
Cleans well, very good quality wipe and its a bonus that is biodegradable
Cleaning at its best
These wipes are amazing I love anything from the dettol range and all wipes are amazing to get even the most messy stains off I don't think any improvements need to be made as these are such amazing product x 💗
Easy and convenient
I love these cleaning wipes for ease and convenience. They are great to maintain cleanliness and I usually use them on kitchen countertops after breakfast and my daughters high chair. They even take things like bolognaise remaind off her high chair and leave mo residue. Very easy to use.
I love the fact these wipes are bio degradable & plant based! They are great for wiping sides & wiping down objects! They are quite dry compared to the normal ones but recommended as they do the job!
Excellent idea
I love the fact that you can throw these straight in your green recycling. Not only is it protecting the planet but it is so simple to clean up after food prep and spills because you can just throw it in your green bin with all the bread crumbs etc that you have collected on the wipes as they all go in the same bin. They are just as good at cleaning up spills, food and dirt as any other wipes and don't tear easily plus they're antibacterial so you know you're kitchen counters are clean. Win win all round.
Amazing and environmentally friendly!
These are great, I love using them in the bathroom or if something needs a good clean. You don’t have to feel guilty either when using them as I do sometimes using other wipes. Leaves a nice shine too
My go-to wipes!
Firstly, I love the fact these are biodegradable. Gives me peace of mind that I am helping the environment. I used them on one shoe compared to the other as an example (photo), and you can seen how shiny & clean it made my shoe! Veyr impressed, & will continue to buy.
dettol bacterial wipes
Using these Dettol bacterial wipes makes me feel confident that my home will be germ free. They are so handy to use and they don't cost much.
Does the job
An excellent product, kind to the environment yet tough on the work surfaces. Gets rid of all the dirt and grime and leaves my home 99.9% germ free. Winner in my eyes and at an affordable price too.
Eco conscious and cleans brilliantly!
Bought this product trying to reduce the amount of plastic we use. The results are great for cleaning surfaces and the wipes and really strong a big size. Will continue to buy.
Love this stuff,and I love to purchase it again,, it fullfils the morality I love this *stuff* ,,, as the upgraded,,, it's trustworthy,,I vil recommend to all to buy,,,Really got bored of all other brands,,, I would " love" to have this with me,,,,God,,,wish me good luck to have this as early as possible,,, fingers crossed As I own a shop,,, it will be helpful that if I need more number of items vid variety of u r company,,, to catch more customers
These are brilliant for removing stubborn marks on work tops and quick and easy to use it smells really nice and it's good for the planet I would recommend this to my friends and family
I couldn't live without these wipes! There brilliant! Plus it's dettol so you can't go wrong! Would defiantly recommend to friends and family

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