4.6 5 0 74 74 Mustard with Honey New York DELI STYLE. Absolutely no artificial COLOURS, FLAVOURS OR PRESERVATIVES. Pack size: 240g
Heinz Yellow Mustard New York Deli Style Honey
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My partner loves mustard and always got me to try the different types. But this brand is the only one I truly loved and I wont have any other form of mustard. Its sweet and not harsh on the tastebuds but still has a little kick to it.
This is my favourite mustard. It's tasty and goes really well with deli meats and chesse. This is a must have in our house.
Sweet and sour !
This mustard is ideal as the honey makes the sour mustard more palatable and adds a twist to a lowly ham sandwich. In fact I can recommend this for many dishes as it is so yummy
Too much
I purchased this mustard as i thought its something special. The taste was ok, its quite big bottle aswell. But i did not like the colour. For me its too yellow, not natural yellow
Great for hotdogs
I think different mustards are perfect for different products. This is fabulous for hotdogs or great in a pastrami and gherkin sandwich. Yum.
Heinz Mustard with Honey
My other half tried takeaway sandwiches with Mustard and Honey and he really liked them, so I have purchased this specially for him, I thought I will make him some great sandwiches, but it really disappoint us as its really vinegary taste and it's far away from from what from what we was suspecting. But I think it's just personal taste.
Purchased in Error...
But was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it when I finally got around to opening it. Slight sharpness but no heat - perfect for hot dogs not so good for beef or ham sandwich - where my personal preference is for something hotter! Each to their own.
lovely mild mustard with a hint of sweetness
I'm not an fan of strong mustard as I find it too overpowering but this new York deli style with honey is just too nice. The honest gives the mustard a sweetness which cuts through the heat. I love this on hotdogs. I even add a squirt into the frying pan when cooking onions and garlic for the hotdogs. Yum! Definitely recommend
just great
This mustard with the taste of honey is really tasty with a beef or ham sandwich and even a nice tasty hotdog as it just goes great to make it tasty, its not to strong but just right in the mustard taste. I love this mustard and always got some. the packaging is extremely easy to open. The bottle stands out when shopping. well recommended to mustard lovers
great for baking and salads
We use this when making honey mustard chicken or mixed with mayo for salads. very sharp taste on its own but goes swimmingly well combined with other items. My child who hates mustard loves the honey mustard mix.
when the tradition meet the meaning of the taste
its very good product especially when you mix it whith fried chicken or green salads
Yellow mustard
I am not usually a fan of mustard but i really like this especially with hot dogs.. This is not too spicy or hot like normal,mustard will buy again
I like the combination of mustard and honey. This is exactly what I like.
Good for some things
It's a good condiment for somethings like hotdogs, burgers etc.. It's good for people who don't like strong mustard but a lighter option. It's nice but not my favourite.
Honey mustard
This is nice but compared to honey mustard in the US, i can barely taste the honey so it taste more like a English mustard.

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