3.7 5 0 48 48 Introducing New LISTERINE® GO! TABS™ Chewable Tablets. A revolutionary way to get a whole mouth clean and fresh feeling, anytime, anywhere. Chew to transform from solid to liquid in seconds.
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Not nice
Bit into these and had a very strange feeling in my mouth,made me feel a bit sick as strange sensation.ok for quick fix if have meeting but would not recommend as an every day product.
Forgot tooth brush on over night stay at family tried this and got rid of death breath ... happy days
Not all these are made out to be.
my family are a massive fan of listerine and it's used daily in our house.. so when I seen these tabs I thought I would grab them for on the go, disappointed as it's like you have just eaten a tablet it doesnt give a mouthwash feeling but does freshen your breath as strong as listerine mouthwash would.
These are brilliant for on the go freshness I loved feeling more confident after eating fish or foods that leave a smell it’s like having a mouthwash on the go and I’d be lost without these
Not overly impressed
The TV advertising says chew one of these & your mouth is full of liquid to swill & swallow. I tried one, my mouth was full of bits of tablet like chewing an indigestion tablet. It did have a minty taste so presumably gave fresher breath but otherwise no effect at all
Am unsure what to think of these, fantastic in terms of fresh breath and fast acting as well but I am so used to a quick swill out in the bathrooms in the mornings this will take a while getting used to. Am unsure if would purchase again
Expensive mints
While these do give you (short-lived) fresh breath, they are incredibly expensive for something a tic tac or other mint could do. They are little more than calcium carbonate, flavourings and sweeteners. The freshness lasts about 15 minutes. On the bright side, they don't contain sugar and you don't need a bin afterwards like with chewing gum.
Not palatable
I got a little excited when my daughter asked me to try these (she's an oral health educator) but after trying a couple, i wasn't impressed with them and stopped. They didn't taste very nice which i can only put down to the additional sweetners used in them. The blue colouring is not the best thing for good tasting either, Blue Lake 1 is pretty gross tasting at the best of times and when you add Magnesium stearate (which is basically soap) you have a mixture that needs the sweetners to mask the bland soapy taste. Not sure what kind of review was expected for this particular product but when it comes to teeth i will pick things apart and try to find out how it works , if it works or if it's just a money wasting gimmick. Hope this helps.
Really handy
I always used to use the little tabs that you stick to the roof of your mouth, but I find these are much better. As a smoker, I am always extremely subconscious of my breath, and I find these to be a better prod. I was very sceptical at first but they are very straight forward to use. They taste great, I was expecting a chalky substance but it is more like biting into a mint. Had many people saying they can smell a nice minty scent after using them.
None too shabby
I found these very handy to carry around, as a smoker they are great when you need to feel confident that your breath doesn't honk. Nice to not have to find a place to spit out, just swallow. Oh and they don't burn the lining of your cheeks off either!
This product is absolutely rubbish. It leaves a funny taste in your mouth and doesn’t even refresh your mouth. It is grainy in your mouth and doesn’t even dissolve in your mouth. Do not use!
Nice and fresh, but really odd.
I tried these as an alternative to chewing gum. It was definitely fresh and minty but the whole thing felt wrong. You chew the tablet which produces lots of saliva which you are then meant to swallow. It felt a bit gross and I naturally wanted to spit it out straight away. Swishing a mouth full of spit around is not that pleasant. I'll stick to chewing gum.
A real blast of freshness
A very convenient way to use mouthwash without having to rinse and spit. Very sharp and reshreshing flavour.
Great product
Does what they say on the packaging. Leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh. They are easy to use on the go and much better than carrying a toothbrush. Would definitely recommend.
You're paying for the brand name rather than the product
These have just arrived and I couldn't wait to try my first one... would they taste chalky? Would the liquid be too much for me to be able to hold in my mouth? The answer to both of those questions is "no". I didn't find it at all chalky and the liquid I was expecting it to transform into was non-existent. More like a crumbly sweet than mouthwash. You seem to be paying for the Listerine brand name rather than the product. I'll keep one packet in my bag, one upstairs and the rest down here in the living room in case we have a curry or something or I'm going to see someone either medically or professionally or whatever, but, to me, they are a total waste of money. Think I'll stick to using my usual mouthwash instead of these. Huge waste of money.

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