3.6 5 0 68 68 Introducing New LISTERINE® GO! TABS™ Chewable Tablets. A revolutionary way to get a whole mouth clean and fresh feeling, anytime, anywhere. Chew to transform from solid to liquid in seconds.
Listerine Go! Tabs Chewable Mouthwash Tablets 8 pack
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Wouldn't Purchase
Bit disappointed. Purchased as they were new & Recommended. Strong but didn't last very long, after 5-10 minutes was like I hadn't used. Wouldn't waste my money again.
Strong flavour
These have really strong flavour as was expected with listerine and do as advertised.
Was ok
Was ok. Not the best. Left a minty taste in my mouth for around 10 minutes. Wouldn't purchase again.
might as well eat a mint
nothing special, expensive and list like eating a mint
Not the best
Tried these and was not that impressed. Yes they made my breathe feel fresher but it didn’t last long and was awful to swallow. Would rather chew gum than use these again. Not worth the money.
Nothing special
These tabs do make your mouth feel slightly fresher, however I wouldn’t say they work as well as toothpaste or mouth wash. I also wouldn’t say that they are very pleasant to swallow. I think they are a clever idea but if you really need something to freshen your mouth on the go I would say chewing gum works just as well.
For some people not for others
I tried these as they were on offer at my local supermarket. I didn't like them, they feel to crumbly In my mouth and left a white coating on my tongue. I had to chew just a little bit off the square because it was too much. Good idea I suppose if you dont have time for mouth wash on the go. Left my mouth minty for a little while I wouldn't say it lasted Wont be useing again sorry.
Fresh breath
I thought these might be too over powering but I actually liked the taste and I was confident that they gave me fresh breath
Brilliant concept - execution falls a bit short
Purchased these for on the go freshness as thought these were a brilliant concept! They do freshen as advertised just not half as good as it’s liquid counterparts. Still handy to have in your handbag mind.
🚫Very strong🚫
I only ever tried one and it was absolutely disgusting make your sliver all thick and slimy 🤢 and it is so strong but on the other hand my hubby loves them so every body is different if you like strong mints then I would give them a go
My partner tried these and he loves them. Especially when your on the go and rush to work of a morning. He said there great and makes ur breath smell nice. But I tried them and it was abit too strong for me I couldn't really swallow it as it would give me heartburn. But I'd still buy them for my partner.
I use listerine mouthwash daily so thought I would give these a go too as I am a smoker. But I found the too over powering for me
Go tabs.
I was a bit indecisive when i purchased these on offer at asda. I must admit i was pleasantly supriced. Yes they take a bit of getting used to as there a bit like gum and we all swallow when having gum, but you get used to it. I can say they are very strong and a tad overpowering but they do leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean for the day ahead and your breath will be fresh so cant really fault them if i'm honest.
I wasn't sure what to expect fro. These but I like them, great for put and about nice and fresh but slightly to strong of a flavor. They keep your mouth feeling fresh for a good amount of time just take a bit of getting used to
Useful product
I bought these to take into the hospital instead of a bottle of mouthwash. While they would not be my first choice they did the trick, my breathe was fresh for hours. The texture of the tabs is not great, I have to say I expected it to melt a little quicker rather than it being a thick slow-dissolving tablet.

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