4.7 5 0 190 190 Sweet Cinnamon Flavour Microwaveable Oats - Made with 100% wholegrain Quaker rolled oats - Delicious porridge bursting with the delicious flavour of sweet cinnamon - Ready in just 2 minutes, Quaker Oat So Simple microwaveable oats are a great morning time-saver - In a rush? Slip a sachet into your bag and enjoy at the office. Simple. - Only natural flavours and no artificial preservatives
Quaker Oat So Simple Sweet Cinnamon Porridge 330G
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One of my favourite quaker oat flavours
Love love love this porridge sachet for work. Its great with oat milk, grated nutmeg, and a sprinkle of brown sugar and its also great with raisins
Tasty, quick and simple
Sachets oats are one of my fav option to take for breakfast to work. This one is sweet and tasty. I love the smell of it. Too thick consistency for me so i always use more milk than recommended.
Better thanexpected
I bought this product by accident when I was buying another Quaker product. I bought 2 & this was behind the 1st one. I had it for a late supper one night and was pleasantly surprised as I am not a great fan of cinnamon. It smelt nice in the bag & I hoped it would taste as good. It was easy to make just bunging it in a bowl, add milk and nuke. I had a spoonful to test and I was pleasantly surprised, It tasted better than I expected, A creamy texture and a rounded flavor with a nice hint of cinnamon without being overpowering. It filled me up just nicely.
Really nice
I really enjoyed this flavour, wasn't sure what to expect as cinnamon can be over powering but this was nice and subtle just the right amount of flavour. I like to use the sachets as they are easy for me to take to work.
Easy and delicious.
Great for work, the individual packets mean you don’t have to measure out oats or milk and just use the packets themselves. They heat up well in the microwave and the flavour is subtle but tasty.
So yummy
Excellent flavour, very tasty, wholesome, healthy and filling. I would highly recommend. Easy to make and quick for that great breakfast filler.
Quaker Simply the best oaty breakfast
I have to say I am a little biased I love, love porridge. Cinnamon is sometimes a nemesis of mine, on occasions it can make my lips and gums tingle if too much is added to a recipe! This however is so nice, just the ticket with a lovely cinnamon flavour. I don't usually use sachet packed porridge, however this came together perfectly with no (expected) lumps. The cinnamon was just gorgeous and for me, it needed less than 1/2 teaspoon of sugar. Bought as a one off try it out purchase, now it is a regular in my online shopping basket!
Quick and convenient
Love this porridge the cinnamon isn’t over powering and gives just the right amount of sweetness, good value for money with ten sachets and very quick easy to make
Oats so simple
I think it’s quick and easy to make . I thought it was very creamy in taste and with the sweet tang of cinnamon found that I didn’t need to add sugar as it was sweet enough
Great taste
Great Cinnamon taste added to the best porridge on the market. Need 2 sachets at a time but that's just me. Simple to use and great with a drizzle of maple syrup and / or sugar. Great start on these stormy days, so just going to make a bowl.
My favourite breakfast!
Sweet cinnamon is absolutely divine, not too strong a cinnamon taste, just perfect and with the hint of sweetness too. I like my porridge to be thick so I don't add as much milk as it states but each person can adapt that to their own liking. They come in handy little sachets, that you could even take it to make at work.... well as long as they have a microwave. Would highly recomend this.
Nice for a change
I have the plain oats 3-4 times a week as they are so convenient, for at work, use the packaging to measure the milk! Tried the golden syrup flavour for a change but they were far too sweet and sicklyy, these however aren’t over sweet and have subtle taste, nice but I can imagine getting bored after 2-3 days constant. But they are great for alternating with original flavour
Good taste, not overpowering like expected
When you think of cinnamon products very often they can be overly flavoured and taste almost bitter. This product is very lightly flavoured to not take away from the taste of the porridge. I personally prefer the golden syrup variant and would rather purchase and recommend that type.
Loved it
I love oat so simple and the sweet cinnamon is a great addition to the range.the flavour is not too overpowering and is so creamy and tasty. Would definitely recommend to all who like a sweet porridge.
I love porridge and I love cinnamon so this is one of my favourite breakfast and sometimes evening treat, easy to make with their individual packaging and milk marker line and only take 2 minutes which makes them so easy to use, for me I love them

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