4.7 5 0 151 151 Sweet Cinnamon Flavour Microwaveable Oats - Made with 100% wholegrain Quaker rolled oats - Delicious porridge bursting with the delicious flavour of sweet cinnamon - Ready in just 2 minutes, Quaker Oat So Simple microwaveable oats are a great morning time-saver - In a rush? Slip a sachet into your bag and enjoy at the office. Simple. - Only natural flavours and no artificial preservatives
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Tastes like Christmas
This is so so tasty. It’s like warm Christmas in a bowl
Sweet porridge
I love the flavour of this porridge - it isn’t too overpowering. These sachets are also so easy to use and making it easy to prepare. So much easier than doing it in a pan as well.
I love quakers oats. It’s is a lovely flavour not to over powering. It is easy to make to
Quaker Oat one from my favourite.I really enjoy with breakfast like that.Make me full energy,taste really good and this new taste is really wonderful.I like cinnamon and sweet cinnamon now is my favorite taste from this brand.
I love oatmeal with cinnamon and honey, it reminds me of my childhood. I eat for breakfast every day and it is great, warming up and I feel full till lunchtime. Sachets are a great idea, you can takeit to work.
Warmth in a bowl
This has to be the tastiest porridge I've had in a long time. Great for the winter months as it keeps you tasty on the inside. The cinnamon flavour really comes through and the oats have a nice bite. I also feel fuller for longer after eating.
Lovely hint of cinnamon. Even my 5 year old likes it. Very warming
Winter warmer
Love porridge and this one in particular, sweet cinnamon warms the cockles of your heart. Perfect winter morning fuel for the cold and busy day ahead. The only trouble is, one sachet is not enough !
Absolutely delicious
Quaker Oat So Simple Sweet Cinnamon Porridge they so yammy and delicious having a breakfast this it's the best I love cinnamon porridge
Yummy yummy
Love this! The sachets are super convenient when I am away with work. But the flavor... ah, it warms the body and the heart! The cinnamon is noticable but not overwhelming.
Full of flavour and so warming. This is a tasty breakfast that will make you feel full and keep you going throughout the day. It will be on my regular shopping list.I would happily recommend this porridge.
My Fav 👍🏼
This flavour is amazing and honestly keeps me feeling full. Oats are fab but this addition of flavour makes it feel homemade - Great for eating at work / out and about - I would buy again and again
Must try
Lovely taste a good winter warmer. Its very fillin and I have this on my shopping list. Its a must try.
Delicious breakfast
Its a great choice for those who dont like traditional porridge. Its sweet but not too much and the cinnammon flavour is not too strong so it doesnt overpower the porridge flavour. My toddler and I love it.
Filling breakfast
Good sized box with 10 sachets. Easy to make. Not too sweet but tasty. Filling and delicious.

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