SHARK Anti Hair Wrap with PowerFins IZ300UKT Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Ruby

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SHARK Anti Hair Wrap with PowerFins IZ300UKT Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Ruby


Love it
Really love this Vaccum cleaner. The best one I have ever had
Good for a cordless
Not too loud but then not as much power as I might like, but as expected with a cordless vacuum. The anti hair wrap worked quite well, I've used this quite a bit in the kitchen and on my stairs when I just need to have a quick clean up.
Great Product
If you're in the market for a powerful and versatile vacuum cleaner that is designed to make your life easier, this Vacuum Cleaner in Ruby is definitely worth considering. Its combination of Anti Hair Wrap technology, PowerFins, and a removable, rechargeable battery make it an excellent choice for anyone who wants a high-quality, easy-to-use vacuum cleaner.
So light and powerful
I had a dyson for year's. Having recently deciding to purchase the shark, I can only wish I jumped shit year's ago, It’s easy to use everywhere in the house, especially the staircase. Lightweight which is handy, ideal for the car, easy to store. The perfect cleaner for all surfaces!
Good product
I like this vacuum because it's cordless and I can use straight away but anti hairs wrap doesn't work for me and my daughters, we have long hairs and they stop on the shaft and block it and I have to cut it, yes it's nightmare. With my old vacuum I just picked up from brush and that's all. It's easy to storage because you can fold down but in my vacuum plastic broke where it was folded so I can't fold down anymore ( after one year of usage). Has different attachments for different job.
I had a Henry hoover for years, but when we moved into our first home we brought a shark and it’s amazing. It’s easy to use everywhere in the house, especially the staircase. Lightweight which is handy
The best Hoover I have had
I have own several of the popular brand hoovers over the years but this is life changing! It's so light and easy to use, great battery life and never loses suction. Pet owner too - fan for animal hair!
Powerful and Versatile Cleaning Machine
This vacuum cleaner is an absolute powerhouse, with a powerful motor that easily picks up even the most stubborn dirt and debris. The Anti Hair Wrap technology is a game-changer, as it effectively prevents hair from getting tangled in the brush roll, saving me time and hassle. The PowerFins technology is also impressive, as it provides a deep clean that leaves carpets looking brand new. The cordless design of the vacuum cleaner is incredibly convenient, as I can easily move it from room to room without having to worry about plugging and unplugging cords. The dustbin is also easy to empty, making it a hassle-free cleaning experience. Wish it was cheaper but you cant go wrong with this brand.
Amazing product
Excellent product. A must try product gor hour home
Love it
I bought this as my old one wasn’t picking up. This is light and just perfect for us. I’ve never had a problem and it’s 18 months old. I definitely think I’d stick with this make.
Compared to its competitor Dyson i think this Shark vaccum has come a long way , we use it everyday and to be frank we think it been such a blessing even cleaning it by taking it apart is amazing, although i would prefer the suction to be more powerful it still does well on dirty carpets.
I loved it
I bought this vacuum for about a week ago and i am impressed how quick absorbed my dust and the efficiency was amazing. Easy to use and I don’t get tired with it like my older vacuum
Good until it snaps!
I really like shark Hoovers but I bought this one and it snapped where the connection is on the tube! I changed it for a different shark one and it’s holding up much better! This one is good for small places, maybe not a big family.
Great hoover!
Absolutely love my hoover, has great options for power modes and hard flooring or carpets. The anti hair wrap is great if you have pets or long hair! However, the hoover is quite heavy, and when you want to clean the rollers, you can only remove one! The other can collect dirt quickly too!
Great cordless hoover
I love this hoover. It’s easy to go around the house without having to worry about the wire. I can hoover the whole house with one charge. Also it’s easy to store. I recommend it.

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