3.7 5 0 13 13 Be amazed as your lashes curl and lift with our best mascara for long, lightweight lashes! This sleek black mascara includes olive oil giving a weightless, nourishing feeling without the clumps, flakes, or smudges. And skip the eyelash curler! WunderExtensions Curl Mascara Lash Extension & Curl fuses to the lashes in a way that actually enhances their curl while also making them look longer, creating eye-opening lift with beautifully curled lashes. Smooth application is a sure thing thanks to the tapered brush.
WunderExtensions Curl Mascara Lash Extension & Curl
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Best mascara for extensions length
It does the job makes you feel fabulous with extra long lashes no one can tell the difference
This is my preference of mascara, I have 2 kept by as back up, just in case I loose/run out of one. Makes lashes a lot longer and evenly distributed. Lasts for a very long time and easily removed without so much smudge.
Too clumpy
Sadly I found this mascara too clumpy. I have average length lashes but as I’m blonde my lashes need a little help with mascara. Initially I liked the brush head but upon applying I found it clumped my individual lashes together and a heavy look.
Clumpy and thick
Did not rate this mascara at all. Flaked all over my face almost straight away and was so clumpy.
Wow super lashes
So easy to use and really made a difference to my sparse eyelashes!
Mascara wonder lash
2 thick for my eyelashes. .also clumpy ..not for contact lenses wearers
Amazing results
I hardly wear make up so when I do I like it to feel as natural as possible which with this it does! It’s so easy to apply and I love the brush my lashes were left looking simply stunning!!
Curls but Flakes
I really liked it initially. I have long lashes but they completely resist a curl. This product actually made them curl and looked good at first but the curl did not last throughout the day and I did experience some flaking onto the skin around my eyes.
Wunder extensions lash curling mascara
I have really thick , short lashes that NEVER curl, ive tried every mascara on the market to seperate, lengthen and curl my lashes but not much worked except 2 benefit mascaras.....I tried this at first was not impressed, i put another coat on and built uo the mascara, it then made quite a big difference to my lashes, they looked amazing, longer, curled slightly & seperated .....however during the day it flaked off and left black bits on my face, this happened around 3 hours post application and to make the black flaking worse the curl wore off and my eye make up just ended up a mess.
Mascara curl
I found this really worked on my lashes and actually gave them a good length and curl
Amazing mascara
Only mascara I'll use so smooth and easy to apply. It makes my eyelashes look nicer than when I wear my false ones I love this mascara
Good if u want long lashes without extensions good to keep in ur bag so u don’t need to go back home and get it it will be in it bag
This product looks great i haven't had a chance to try it yet but looking at previous reviews it looks as though it does give a good affect on your lashes and that results are amazing

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