Antiseptic Mouthwash - 16.9 fl oz - Up&Up™

4.8 5 0 34 34 Keep your breath fresh and your teeth healthy when you work this Antiseptic Mouthwash from up & up™ into your daily routine. The blue mint flavor offers a refreshing feeling as the mouthwash kills the germs that cause bad breath, plaque and gingivitis.
Antiseptic Mouthwash - 16.9 fl oz - Up&Up™


Minty clean
This antiseptic mouthwash is very comparable to name brand mouthwash. I like the minty taste it leaves in my mouth. The only drawback I have on it, is that it does seem to burn a little bit more than other mouthwashes I have tried. I have found it is a couple of dollars cheaper the name brand mouthwashes, so I will continue to use the up and up mouthwash, and maybe just dilute it a little bit. I would definitely recommend this to others.
minty taste
bathing your mouth in satisfaction and overall health is a bargain you will not want to miss always improving the natural feeling of the burst of mint I would recommend it to anyone wanting something different
Great product great price
This is an excellent mouth wash for a super low price! Tastes and works great!
Sooo strong!
When it comes to antiseptic mouthwash, I always buy generic or store-brands, because they're all the same to me. A bottle of Up&Up antiseptic mouthwash is about $2 cheaper than Listerine and works just as well. I can't handle antiseptic mouthwash on its own, so I always dilute it with water before swishing and gargling. Otherwise, I won't last the entire 30 seconds like directed and instead will spit it out in 10. Antiseptic mouthwash is great for a quick breath refresher, but for actual dental health, I prefer something like Crest Pro-Health.
Minty clean
Leaves your mouth feeling Monty clean and fresh. I love the fresh feeling it gives me. No more bad breath!!
Not bad!!
For a store brand i can actually say it's not bad at all. It definitely compares to some name brands I've tried. It definitely has a little burn to it but it does do it's job.
Great mouthwash
For a store brand this mouthwash is great, equivalent or better than the name brands. Definitely feel it working.
nice mouthwash at an affordable price! gets the job done!
I like this mouthwasg. It's affordable and gets the job done. Only con is that it burns bad.
Great cheap mouthwash. It burns a little bit, but my mouth feels clean and fresh when I spit it out. It works just as good as other brands but much cheaper. I will continue to buy.
This mouth wash is awesome. It makes your mouth feel exceptionally clean. Helps with healing cuts and sores in your mouth.
Me gusta mucho porque deja mi boca fresca y con olor a menta muy duradero y no me quema mi lengua porque he probado otros enjuagues bucal y me han quemado mi lengua por lo fuerte del alcohol y este es perfecto me encanta.!
Fresh Breath
I really like this mouth wash. It keeps my breath fresh and my mouth healthy. I use this on a daily bases and if you haven't got to try this , you need too.
Cheap and Makes my mouth feel fresh
Honestly, this mouthwash is just as good as any of the more name brand ones. I like the price point of the mouth wash. But I wish some more flavors were available. Would definitely suggest buying this if you're looking to save cash
great proct
great product. Love the taste and makes your mouth clean and fresh. Well recommended.

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