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Banana Boat® Simply Protect™ Sensitive Sunscreen Lotion
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Gentle and Effective
Nice feel to this non-greasy sunscreen and a handy tube that is easy to use.
Good sunscreen!
This was an awesome sunscreen! It was gentle with my sensitive skin and did not have a strong smell like most! I would definitely buy this again!
Perfect for baby’s skin
I’ve tired other products similar but they irritated my son’s skin. This product is perfect and has chemical no smells and applies smooth to skin.
No chemical smell
I used this and it was wonderful. It’s not thick and does not smell bad. Highly recommendable
I loved this product! The smell is not like chemicals, and it glides on and stays in my skin well. I do not get burnt as long as I follow the directions and reapply after a few hours or if I been in the pool. I have very sensitive skin and I am always searching for a good sunscreen. This is the one for those with sensitive skin because it caused no irritation!
Such a good product.. Good for my kids.. love the protection it gave my kids and smells wonderful great on delicate skin!!!
Great coverage
This sunscreen was really good as far as coverage goes. My kids did not get sunburn at all.
Great product
Great product, didn’t have to reapply & worked great! Didn’t leave a gross texture & felt really good on the skin.
Completely loved it! My Annie's skin is so sensitive and usually has a reaction with SPF. This is the only one that her skin can tolerate.
Greatly satisfied with this sensitive sunscreen. My LO has very sensitve skin and it didnt break him out would recommend to family and friends
Great for kids
My daughters are fair skin they rash and burn easily. This product worked great for them. No rash and no burning.
Banana boat sensitive sunscreen
This was a great sunscreen. Trusted brand and spf 50. Neither of my kids or myself got any burn whatsoever after applying this at the beach.
Have really sensitive skin but this didn't irritate it at all
Love it
Non greasy 50 spf & doesnt wash off in the water. Does it get any better than this. I li e the fact that it's not greasy and I font think they could have done anything to make it better.
Very impressed
This sunscreen from Banana Boat is FANTASTIC! I am so impressed. We have tested it out a few times now on the whole family on long, wet, and sweaty summer days and it holds up really well! My oldest son is fair skinned and burns really easy but I am happy to report that, with a few re-applications of course, he has been sunburn free with this product. I also like the formula of this product as well. It's easy to apply and runs in nicely. It also smells really nice unlike some other brands. I will definitely be repurchasing this product again and again.

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