Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous Epic Roarin Tyrannosaurus Rex

4.7 5 0 158 158 Be a part of the adventure with the Epic Roarin' Tyrannosaurus Rex inspired by the Jurassic World animated series, Camp Cretaceous! This larger-scale dinosaur action figure features "Primal Attack" which enables kids to control the battle play with awesome battle moves. Move the tail up and down, side to side and around for head movements, body twists and an awesome chomping action (activate all moves at once for total animated control of the figure).
Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous Epic Roarin Tyrannosaurus Rex


This was a toy that goes way back for my family. My son had one back in 1999 and loved it. We gave it to goodwill so someone else could enjoy. I bought one this past Christmas for a nephew who’s four years old and he absolutely loves it. It’s battery operated, can walk and roars. A great by then and years later!
For year old loves it!
Got this for our son and it’s been a huge hit! It’s fun, interactive, and perfect for those kids like mine who are absolutely obsessed with dinosaurs! Who doesn’t love t-Rex? (No one!)
Kid approved
My son loves this toy!! he plays with it for hours!!
Dino toy
My son loved it he liked that the dino roared and moved I would recommend this for any little boy that loves dinos
This is a great dinosaur my son loves to play with it I'd buy again it great.At first I was unsure but I'm so happy I bought it was worth it
Great toy to play with
I like how easy this toy is to play with. I know that with the movies of dinosaurs are very popular and every kid wants one.
Grandson’s Loved It!
My oldest grandson received this as a gift when he was about 4 and played with it all of the time. He would have me find another kid playing with it on YouTube so they could play together. He soon had a brother who eventually played with it too and loved it so we had to get another one so they could each have their own. They’re now 6 & 9 and just recently donated them to some kids who didn’t have many things. They’re made with durable material. They never had a part break off, and we all know how rough boys are. The sound it made was still going strong and intact after 4 years and the other after 6 years. It’s not often you have a toy that doesn’t break at some point, so I was very pleased with this purchase and at a fair price.Their love for dinosaurs started with this one.
Excellent toy!
My son absolutely loves dinos and this was a perfect gift for him. It’s made with excellent quality. It moves, roars and he loves that the head moves to make it more realistic. It’s a really great product and awesome quality toy.
Loved it!
My nephew loved this toy. He turned 3 and received it for a birthday gift.
My son absolutely loved this
My son absolutely loved this dinosaur and he plays with it every single day! He really loves how he can make it walk and is def a huge hit in our home! If u have a little one then I highly recommend it if they like dinosaurs!
Fun toy
My son loves this toy. He has always loved dinos and this made his day. He liked how he could make it walk. Don't change anything, this is a wonderful product.
A Fave For Sure
I got this as a birthday gift for my son. I knew he was going to LOVE it. Which he did. He plays with it all the time. That may partially be because it scares the daylights out of his little sister. I would absolutely recommend for "older" little boys, maybe not for a smaller little girl.
My son loves
My 2 year old love this toy thanks you guys 😍
Perfect gift
Son loved it and it’s perfect size for my six year to have Dino mat out with all Rex’s friends.
Perfect present
My 5 year old received this toy for his birthday LAST MAY and still plays with it daily! He has another robotic dinosaur toy and loves to make them play together. This is definitely a gift I’ll purchase for friends’ and family’s small children in the future!

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