4.4 5 0 382 382 Whiter teeth in 1 week* (individual results may vary). Prevent & remove stains anytime, anywhere. Chew to transform from a solid to a liquid in seconds.


great! Idea
Amazing must try, super convenient works well taste grest!!
I will use these on a regular basis.
Easy to use (simple to throw some in my backpack, briefcase, or purse. Chew, swish, swallow. I'm not sure they whitened any better, but for sure refreshed my mouth giving confidence that my breath was minty fresh.
Works well
They worked pretty well but it would take quite a long time to see any whitening results
I love it!
I had been looking for something like this for along time! If you want nice breath for on-the-go, this is what you need.
Easy to chew and breath freshener
I have used these Listerine Ready Tabs Whitening tabs, and my first impression of them is that the peppermint tastes a little overpowering, but did freshen my breath. The tabs, which I followed directions on the package, themselves did not seem to last very long in my mouth when chewing, so I did not think they whitened as expected. I feel that they worked better as a breath freshener more so than a teeth whitening product.
Easy convenient Listerine ready tabs.
This is an awesome concept I love the idea of having Listerine RediTabs anytime during the day or night it’s so easy you to swish and swallow and that’s it fresh breath all day.These tabs are very convenient that sugar free alcohol free and individually wrapped they can be taken just about anywhere.
Not for me
These just weren’t for me. I did not like the experience or the flavor.
Please take after taste
It was a pleasant experience using this Listerine READY TabsWhitening . It gave a good taste in the mouth when using . I however was not happy with the results. My before and after pics were not that different . Also I wasn’t very happy to swallow it .
Great taste
These were awsome. Their very convenient to take on the go. Taste awsome and don't leave a funny after taste.
Minty Miracle
Listerine Ready Tabs are a quick, delicious and healthy tab for your mouth! So unique and I absolutely love the flavor.
Keep your mouth fresh on the go!
Listerine Ready! Tabs are easy to use and great to have when on the go. The tabs are easy to chew and it's cool when they turn into liquid. (I still feel weird swallowing the liquid though!) I've been using for a few days and haven't seen a huge difference in whiteness but I definitely notice no staining after drinking coffee. Definitely the kind of product I expect from Listerine.
This is something everyone needs to try!
This is such a refreshing and innovative product! It’s a very convenient way to freshen your breath and whiten your teeth, especially if you’re in a hurry. I would highly recommend this and plan to buy it on a routine basis.
Fresh and Whitening
I loved these Listerine ready tabs. They are so easy to use and have such great flavor. They leave your mouth feeling clean and they Whiten. I would highly recommend giving them a try!
Feel The Burn!!!
I received these for my thorough honest review. Ive used these a little over 6 days n i have to say that they are definitely growing on me. At first they were very harsh like most things that have listerine in it but the more days n times i use them the harshness is lightning. These are used to freshen breath, remove stains n whiten your teeth all in one week. They definitely freshen your breath n im starting to notice my teeth are looking whiter. So i would have to say there doin there job. All you have to do is pop out a listerine square out of the package chew it swish it around n swallow n bam your on ur way to fresher breath n whiter teeth in no time. After u chew it it becomes liquid its definitely cool. They come in a box of 3 packets n theres 8 to a pack. You can use them whenever u want some of the recommendations on the box are use one after you drink coffee, after a mean, n before a night out. So i gave 4 stars only cause of the harshness but i definitely recommend them.
Love these
Oh my goodness these are great! Easy, portable and so refreshing. Also the freshness lasts. I've already recommended them to several of my family and friends.

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