3.8 5 0 382 382 The bold, robust Pepsi you love now with a splash of fruit juice for a refreshing, flavor filled cola.
Pepsi Berry
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I loved this! It tastes amazing and refreshing it’s different so I loved it. Also they have many other new flavors as well you should try!
Just ok
Nothing can compete the original pepsi, I tried this one but never liked it
Nice drink if cold
I normally dont drink pepsi but after seeing this in stores decided to give it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised. The taste is very nice when ice cold. But be warned do not drink hot. The taste changes and it isnt as appealing hot as it is cold
Burst of flavor
Truly like the burst of flavor in the Pepsi. Takes some of the mundane out of the regular flavor
Pepsi has always been my go to cola product love the amount of sweetness Pepsi uses in their products and the bubbles too Like the smell of the berries scent if you like berries in a soda this is your product
Love it
I love Pepsi already. But there berry makes it pop. It have it a different flavor all around. It was a nice change from my regular soda. I can't think of anything they could have dinner different for this soda. It has its own goodness! Will buy again great value!
Delicious pop
I love this drink.I love the berry one better than the regular one.I like Pepsi better than coke
Great flavor. Perfect balance of taste
Love it and hope they come out with the diet version
It's Ok
I absolutely love pepsi, but this one didn't do it for me. My favorite is cherry pepsi, so I wanted to try this to see if it had that same yet different taste. It taste flat to me, and maybe too much berry juice in it. Love the Lime version one though!
Lack of Pepsi Quality
Our family has been a Pepsi one for many years. The delicious flavor and quality is trusted and always a favorite brand drink we keep in our home. Very excited to try new Pepsi Berry expecting a delicious new quality beverage from Pepsi. Unfortunately, Pepsi Berry lacks what I would say is "Pepsi Quality" and very disappointing. The taste is bitter and has an artificial strange taste that does not have the trusted Pepsi we have used which gave a lower expectation of whatever future will bring if Pepsi is lowering their quality. I hope this is a isolated experience with the brand.
Not great
I was excited to try berry Pepsi, since I really like wild Cherry Pepsi. I was very disappointed when I tried this because it tasted like a malt beverage like Smirnoff ice. Definitely not what I expected. Lime Pepsi and mango Pepsi is WAY better!
A little strange
It tasted good overall but it was a bit weird to my taste buds. I would probably not purchase it again.
Not for me
I have been a Pepsi girl for a couple of years. I didn't really like this at all but I am someone who tends to stick to original tastes & flavors so that may be why.
Better than the original
One of my favorite Pepsi flavors. It's not too overwhelming but instead is the right amount of flavor. Still have the original Pepsi flavor with just enough kick!
Pepsi si
No me gusta las sodas pero esta de la marca pepsi su rico sabor a fruta me encanta

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