RaceGT Wired RGB Gaming Ergonomic Mouse

4.6 5 0 69 69 The High-Precision Sensor delivers Pinpoint Accuracy , greater durability and extreme responsiveness, giving you an even greater edge over your competition. 5 different backlight modes for you to choose. (Backlight can be disabled) Press the Backward Button and DPI Button to switch the RGB color mode. This mouse Compatible with Windows XP, ME, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Mac OS, Chrome, Android, Linux. Fit for Notebook, PC, laptop, Computer, Macbook and so on
RaceGT Wired RGB Gaming Ergonomic Mouse


Very good
Coolest little compact computer that literally carries all the information I need in my life. It was amazing to find this very easy to use and it's very lightweight. Love that it's user friendly
Would not recommend.
To get straight to the point the material of the mouse feels really cheap, and you could easily get another mouse for near the same price with a way better quality. The clicks are too delayed compared to other mouses and the sensor is beyond weak. I would not recommend getting the mouse, and rather explore for more options such as the Logitec g305.
For gamers or workers
I love this mouse so much. I cannot recommemd it enough. Its smooth and kinda small so fits perfectly in the grip of your hand. The clicker on it is amazing super satisfaction like. Ive really never had a mouse that has this sleek yet professional look to it. A mouse is just a mouse right? I also thought that but ita kind of like writing both hard ended pens then finally writimg with gel pens. The smoothness is like a match none other. The mouse here is just the same. From just normal to exceptional. You wont regret this one.
A little glitchy, but fun!
When I first saw this I was so attracted by the lights and how awesome the vibe was. Upon using it for the first time I did notice a tiny bit of lagging but no issues other then that. I think it’s great if you are looking for a gaming mouse.
RaceGT Wired RGB Gaming Ergonomic Mouse
RaceGT Wired RGB Gaming Ergonomic Mouse is a great choice when it comes to quality/price/functionality. It is an Ergonomic mouse so it is good for longer continuous period of times. It is comfortable and simple. The RGB lights makes it more dturistic/modern.
This gaming mouse is high quality feeling and it feels nice in my hand and helps me move my cursor around the screen in lighting fast speeds and I am satisfied and would recommend it
Precision Gaming, Brilliant Backlight!
The RaceGT Wired RGB Gaming Ergonomic Mouse is a true game-changer. The High-Precision Sensor ensures pinpoint accuracy, durability, and extreme responsiveness, giving me the edge over the competition. The 5 different backlight modes add a touch of brilliance to my gaming setup, and the option to disable the backlight is a thoughtful feature. Switching RGB color modes is a breeze with the Backward Button and DPI Button. Compatible with a range of operating systems, it's the perfect fit for my gaming needs on various devices.
A good ergonomic mouse
This is a good budget ergonomic mouse that works well. I like the look of the colored lights but don’t like having extra lights/colors in my vision while I’m trying to focus on a screen.
Great mouse for the price
My family enjoyed this mouse. I enjoyed the price. It was very reasonably priced. The ergonomic design was a plus, and it was great for extended time spent gaming. The colored light is fun as well.
Great budget gaming mouse
This mouse is soft in the hand and has some nice features for the price. DPI can be adjusted and the RGB lighting can be turned off if that's something you want. If someone needs a gaming mouse on a budget I can recommend this product.
Ergonomically designed
This wired gaming mouse is amazing ergonomically designed. This important for gamers who play for prolonged periods of time. Some of my other observations were: *Works with most window versions *Works with desktop, laptop, Mac ect *13 rainbow backlight options *Lightweight *Durable *Quality materials This is an inexpensive choice for a gaming mouse that works very well. It's a good buy.
Excellent gaming mouse
This Is the best mouse on the market for under $20 without a doubt! If you are into the RGB stuff it has that, but personally I prefer to use it without the RGB. It is very comfortable and pretty light yet sturdy. I recommend this mouse for anyone that doesn't want to spend a lot on a quality mouse.
It neat, woulnt buy again.
The RGB computer mouse is a pretty cool addition to your gaming setup. The customizable lighting options add a touch of flair to your desktop, and they can sync up with your other RGB peripherals for a unified look. The extra colors are a fun touch that allows for personalization., but also distracting. I ended up turning of the lights after the novelty wore off. The mouse itself performs well, offering smooth tracking and responsive buttons, making it a decent choice for gamers and creative professionals. While it might not be the absolute best on the market, the RGB features definitely add a bit of extra pizzazz to your setup if that what you need.
Just needed to be wireless nd wud b perf
This is a great affordable gaming mouse if it was witless I would have put 5stars. But I’m sure that will make it wirelessly or have it alread. Great brand and product.. I use it all day gaming and doing work.. it keeps up.. great A++ Product
Gamers mouse
This mouse works great! It’s designed for gaming and delivers pin point accuracy. It has different modes for the lights and is a good value. The only downside is that its wired. But a very good mouse.

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