Zens Dual 10-Watt Aluminum Wireless Charging Pad & Watch Charger Station - Black

4.8 5 0 16 16 The Dual+Watch Aluminium Wireless Charger has an ultra-thin design that is made out of one-piece high-grade aluminum and is designed to (fast-)charge two devices and an Apple Watch simultaneously. The charger supports Apple and Samsung. Fast Charge and has a 20W output to support triple device charging. ZEDC05B/00 KEY FEATURES 20W (2 x 10W) output. Supports Apple and Samsung Fast Charge. Charges two devices and an Apple Watch simultaneously Ultra-thin (8 mm), design Made out of one-piece high-grade aluminium. Power adapter included. MFi certified. Qi certified.
Zens Dual 10-Watt Aluminum Wireless Charging Pad & Watch Charger Station - Black


A great product for multiple devices
I really like this product for the price for the value and because I can use it to simultaneously charge my air pods, apple watch and the apple iPhone all at the same time without needing a different cord for each one. It is quite convenient and saves me a ton of time when charging the devices I use the most and often all at the same time. So, not only does it same me time, it makes it easier for me to charge all three at the same time so I can continue to use all three simultaneously.
Fantastic For Travel
I bought this wireless charging station for our annual trip to Cancun because for whatever reason, my Samsung phone doesn't charge well there when plugged in. I absolutely love it. I love it so much I bought a second one for home (I keep the one for travel in our luggage so it's never forgotten). It supports the Samsung fast charge and I had zero issues. I love it!
Very good
Nice little display holer for all your needs where you need them. This has everything you need right there woth you so you have jt. I would recommend getting this for your needs.
The Zens Dual 10-Watt Aluminum Wireless Charging Pad & Watch Charger Station in black is a sleek and versatile charging solution that delivers both style and functionality. Its premium aluminum construction not only looks elegant but also ensures durability, making it a long-lasting addition to your workspace or bedside table. With the ability to charge two devices simultaneously, including a smartphone and an Apple Watch, this charging pad offers convenience for users with multiple devices. The 10-watt wireless charging capability provides fast and efficient charging for compatible devices, reducing downtime and keeping you connected throughout the day. The black finish adds a touch of sophistication to any environment, seamlessly blending in with your existing decor. Additionally, the non-slip surface and integrated charging indicators enhance usability, ensuring a hassle-free charging experience every time. Whether at home or in the office, must have accessory
Space Saving and Efficient
The watch charging station is meeting our needs in multiple ways. It’s space-saving design is essential, as it helps keep your area organized and clutter-free. We have had this product for 3 months and it appears to be high-quality construction. Lastly, efficiency is key when it comes to charging your devices quickly and effectively and I highly recommend
Does what it should. Kind of Slow
Keep in mind a lot of us are used to Super Fast Chargers and don't even realize it so keep in mind it's only 10-Watt. I was kind of let down by it being a low slow 10-watt charge. Not sure I'd feel right recommending this product.
so savy
This product is a game changer for charging! I no longer need three different cords for my watch, phone, and airpods. Simply plug in one cord and bam, all electronics are charging!!
Ok 5 stars!
So I’m always a jumbled mess at home, and I really absolutely needed a charging station for my electronics, I have AirPods, a watch; and phone. And this worked amazing to charge them all night and have them ready for me to use by morning.
This charger had coverage compared to expensive brands. It held up to my everyday use, occasional drops, and water drops. You can find it at a reasonable cost and the brand is get reputable.
This product is amazing You can just set your phone tablet or watch on top And it will charge wirelessly I wish the product could do faster charging. But if you don't like to plug in. Or your plugs are used. It's good and nice to just Be able to set and go
The best.you can charge all one time.very useful I will buy it again
Wireless charging pad
I tried this charging pad while visiting my friend during her house warming party and I loved it. It charged my phone so fast, within 15 min I was charged 100%
Charge it all
I bought this because I got tired of switching out my phone and watch all the time in order to charge them. This is a very convenient way for me to get them both done at once. Charges quickly and built to last.
I like it
I really like the quality and affordable price of these products, nothing has ever failed and everything works perfectly, so I can recommend it to everyone
Elegant Efficiency in Black
The Zens Dual 10-Watt Aluminum Wireless Charging Pad & Watch Charger Station in Black has seamlessly integrated into my charging routine with both style and functionality. Its sleek aluminum design not only adds a touch of sophistication to my space but also houses a powerful dual-charging solution. With 10-watt charging capabilities, my devices power up quickly and efficiently. The dedicated watch charger station is a thoughtful addition, simplifying the process of keeping all my devices ready to go. This charging pad is not only an aesthetic delight but also a practical and powerful charging solution that caters to the demands of modern, multi-device lifestyles.

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