Barras de pegamento escolar multiusos de Elmer lavables

4.8 5 0 820 820 Las barras de pegamento escolar multiusos de Elmer ofrecen una manera segura, fácil y confiable de perfeccionar sus manualidades y proyectos. Este juego incluye un recuento de 30 unidades en el paquete. Las barras de pegamento de Elmer no contienen ácido y no son tóxicas, lo que las hace seguras para que las usen los niños. También son lavables en caso de accidentes o desorden. Cuando se usa el adhesivo, se aplica suavemente y es de color transparente. Las barras de pegamento escolar lavables se pueden utilizar en una multitud de superficies como papel, cartón, espuma o cartulinas. Esto hace que este producto sea una buena solución para proyectos de arte, manualidades, proyectos escolares y más. Elmer's se esfuerza por proporcionar un adhesivo sin grumos para obtener resultados limpios y prolijos.
Barras de pegamento escolar multiusos de Elmer lavables


Less mess!
These are way more convenient and less messy than using globs of regular glue that gets all over the place. This is my go to for kids crafting and paper art, holds nice and no fumes and more precise in intricate work.
Great quality glue in stick form
If I am going to use glue, Elmer's is the brand. I recommend these to kids and sometimes I need to glue something to a sheet of paper, this is the brand that I go to and the stick form is the way to go. It is so mess free. You undo the pack, rub it on whatever you need to glue, adhere it, and done. No messy fingers. If you push too hard it will glob out, so be more on the gentle side.
Trustworthy product
I’ve used these products for years. When I was a teacher I would direct the parents to specifically get this brand because I had many issues with the other brands. Great product overall.
Best glue sticks!!
All of my child’s teachers express then need to purchase Elmer’s!!!! Hands down best brand! They say nothing compares and I do agree. Love the package sizes available and price.
Elmer's glue sticks
I really like how easy these glue sticks are to use. They are easy to carry in pencil pouches and don't leak or make a mess. They dry completely clear but are tinted purple beforehand and that helps you see where you've already applied the glue. The glue also holds up without any issues and has never chipped or separated in my experience. The only thing that I don't really care for is that the glue sticks seem to go fast but they're affordable enough to replace. They also must be used relatively soon after opening due their potential dry up and harden a bit. Altogether, I wouldn't buy any other brand of glue sticks for my school age children because they deserve the best!
Great for Crafts
Elmer's Glue Sticks are easy to use, fast drying and easy clean up. My kids use them for school projects as well as craft projects at home. You can always find an Elmer's Glue stick my desk drawer.
Perfect for my Preschoolers
As a preschool teacher who goes through A LOT of glue with her students, Elmer’s Glue Sticks are our go-to brand to buy. They are a good adhesive glue, dry quick and are easily washed off when they get on tables, clothing or little fingers. Definitely recommend!
Best school glue
I used this as a kids and all of my kids did too heck I still use it today lol I use it to glue my eyebrows down when needed for a makeup looks lol They are so affordable and works so good. I’m pretty sure everyone has tried this but if not I definitely recommend
Trusted product
This is a must have in my kid's craft box as much as it is mine! I have been purchasing this glue for as long as I can remember. I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Works great everytime!
It works well no problems it is over all the perfect glue stick it doesn’t work well on anything other than paper and cardboard I don’t think any improvement can be made I would recommend this.
Works well
I use this on a lot crafts, works well. My kids used them in school and had no problems. Some teachers ask for just this glue stick. Hopefully this helps.
Way better than generic
Elmers glue sticks are way better then generic . they stuck better
Best glue stick
My overall opinion of Elmer's glue stick is that I believe it is the best glue stick for adults and children. I highly trust and recommend this brand to everyone.
Great for school!
I always buy this glue for my kids class at the beginning of school! This glue is affordable, washable and it works!! One glue stick can last a while if not wasteful! I highly recommend this product!
Elmers glue
These are Elmer’s push up school glue. The nice part is it’s washable. It works well and is easy to use. Push the glue up a bit and rub on, easy as that.

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