4.6 5 0 48 48 Mejora tus bebidas de café calientes o heladas con esta deliciosa crema a base de crema de primera calidad y leche descremada.
Crema para café Nitro de Reddi Wip
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Messy and flat
I was confused by this , compared to my normal whipping cream , it was very flat and was messy when sprayed. The flavor did not excite me
Too sweet
No. No. No. Way too sweet for me. Why can't you make this without sugar?!
Love this!
I used it on my coffee every morning and love it. It adds a great flavor and amazing foam. Love that it comes out like whipped cream. I hope it comes in more flavors soon.
Yum 😋
I loved how it made my coffee feel and taste like a coffee shops something that saves me money and still got the feel of the coffee shop is a win in my book
Not as creamy as a Coffee House Nitro
I was hoping for something close to a coffee house experience with Reddi Wip Nitro Creamer. While I liked the sweetness of the cream and the ease of use, I felt the nitro portion of the creamer wasn't there for me. The ones at coffee houses are super creamy from the tiny bubbles caused by the Nitro. This just didn't provide those tiny bubbles. In a few moments I was left with a cup of coffee no different than adding half and half and some sweetener to it. While I think the Reddi Wip brand is wonderful, I feel like the Nitro Creamer is a miss.
I just finished my first can of this. I was extremely disappointed that I only got 6 uses out of it! I didn’t even use the 1/4 ratio that was suggested on the can for a latte! I barely covered my coffee! It is soooo delicious but not sure I will purchase again because of $5 for only 6 cups of coffee is a bit over my budget. I’m glad I tried it ahead of time because I would have been embarrassed that my guests would not have gotten to try it!
I LOVE this product!!
I had never heard of this product but was at a store about 1/2 hour from my home. I purchased it thinking it wasn't going to be that good. I LOVE IT!! I love how it filters through my entire cup of coffee. The taste is great and not artificial tasting!! And the best part is you don't need very much to give your coffee some flavor!! I just wish it were sold at stores nearby. I can't find it anywhere!!
I am already addicted! It's that good. It's perfect for me because I love coffee and whipped cream so it's a win-win. I wish they were a little more reasonable but it's worth a splurge! Totally recommend!!
El mejor sabor
Me encanta tomar mi café con un sabor cremoso y este producto es de lo mejor
I love coffee so this was right up my ally. So good and a great sweet shot. All I can say is yummmmmmmyyyyyy.
Nitro creamer
it is good nitro creamer. it is good for coffee...
Yes please!
I am an avid coffee drinker and usually use flavored creamers. With the Nitro Reddi Wip, I don’t have to. Not only does it add a foamy layer to the top, but it does melt into your coffee and add a subtle sweetness to it as well, without it being over the top. So glad to have found this, just wish it was in more stores.
I didn’t like the taste and the quality wasn’t as good as I imagined.
I really like the flavor. I'm enjoying this new nitro coffee fad,lol. I love super strong coffee, and the stronger the cream the better!!
I love this reddi-whip creamer.
I love using creamer in my coffee and hot tea. I usually use the same old vanilla creamer but my kids wanted something different for their hot chocolate so they actually picked this. I honestly wasnt thrilled but bought it anyway. I finally tried it and it was really good. In fact, I loved the creaminess and the flavour is perfectly added so that it turns your coffee into a delicious treat instead of a syrup filled mess like others taste. I have never used cool whip creamer before but now its on my list of favorites. I still am a vanilla gitl but now I do keep this for a change every now and then. My kids loved it so much that I caught them drinking it straight out of the jug. I am a fan and do reccommend this to any coffee lover.

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