4.9 5 0 168 168 Obtenga una limpieza potente y un gran aroma con el limpiador multi-superficies de Mr. Clean con Febreze frescura de lino y cielo. Arrasa con el 100% de la suciedad, grasa y mugre, dejando el ligero y fresco aroma del limpiador líquido Febreze lino y cielo en su lugar olvidado. Funciona en toda la casa y en todo tipo de superficies, desde el linóleo, hasta los azulejos y pisos de madera terminados, baños y bañeras, e incluso botes de basura.
Limpiador multi-superficies con Febreze frescura de lino y cielo de Mr. Clean
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Smells good
I love the smell of this, it smells like clothes that just came out of the dryer. It's not an overpowering smell. It gets my floors really clean. I use it to clean the refrigerator, stove, bathroom.... Ect. It really deep cleans very well. Just a little bit in water goes a long way.
Fresh clean smell
I can't say enough about this product. I have 2 dogs & tile floors in my home. I mop with this daily. The smell is amazing! It leaves my floors clean & fresh. I also use it to clean my countertops in my kitchen & bathroom. I would highly recommend Mr. Clean with Febreeze.
Amazing cleaning products
This product is by far my go to cleaning product. No matter what I'm cleaning it will clean the toughest messes. It works just like the magic erasers but way better. And it smells so great if you haven't tried go buy some immediately.
Great for deep cleaning
It smells so good. I love it. I even use it to clean the baseboards. It leaves the house smelling fresh b4 my kids destroyed my house again. It even removes shoe scuff marks easily. Love love love
I pour some in my mop bucket it leaves my floors super clean and the smell is awesome.
It smells amazing!
I love all things linen, it smells amazing and makes your house smell wonderful, fresh and clean!
Refreshing look and smell
I really love all the mr. Clean products. I purchased this and use it for my floors when I mop. I have hardwood floors and it did not leave them streaky. It left a nice shine and a refreshing smell. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family.
Mr. clean
This product is very affordable ,has a nice fresh scent. It’s a great cleaning product for kitchen & restrooms. I wouldn’t change anything and would Recommend this to friends and family
Mr. Clean
We keep this in our house. This will remove stains, I mop with it, put it in my laundry and clean alot of the house with it. It works great and smells great. I definitely recommend this product also
This stuff is Great!
If you are looking for a fresh smelling all purpose cleaner to clean your home you should definitely try this out! I love a lot of mr clean products but I think this one is my absolute favorite!
Love the smell!
I've been using Mr Clean for years but I'm definitely loving it with the added Febreeze. It smells so good, cleans everything well and it's at a great price.
Mr clean
I love Mr clean! It’s one of my favorites to clean with. Smells wonderful
Mr. Clean Cleaner with Febreze
Mr. Clean is my all time favorite cleaner. I can clean just about everything with it,and with the Febreze scent makes it even more better. I really do love the fresh linen,it just always makes everything smell fresh and clean.
Smells great
I found that this product works well and smells great. The smell doesn't linger for long. I use it to wipe down my countertops in my kitchen and my living room tables.i also clean my dining room table with it. It removes the stubborn messes that my 2 year old leaves behind. It also cleans up after my messy husbamd cooks.
Amazing Scent
I loved this scent and how well it handles annoying spots and how long the scent lasts!

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