4,7 5 0 98 98 Sensodyne is specially formulated to relieve tooth sensitivity. For 24hr protection try our new Fresh Mint.
Sensodyne Fresh Mint Toothpaste
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Senso . Dyne
I bought it once and it was expensive for me me but would totally recommend the product
I am a big believer of Sensodyne.. I would really recommend it for anybody..This product is amazing but I really don't like the mint flavour but also use Sesodyne repair and protect..
Perfect for sensitive teeth and Gums
Perfect for sensitive teeth and Gums, Ever since I switched to sensodyne, I have had less issue with bleeding gums and senstive teeth. and the pricing is now affordable
Wonder worker
It really works and save us money to visit dentist for a sore tooth,
Sensodyne Fresh Minty Flavor.
The mint flavor burst in your mouth and you mouth feel so fresh. I love this Fresh Minty Flavor Toothpaste from Sensodyne as I have tried all of them and this is the best.
Sensodyne Fresh Mint
Was very happy when I saw a bit cheaper Sensodyne toothpaste. It works well for my sensitive teeth. Leaves your mouth fresh and clean.
Improved sensitivity
Of the whole sensodyne range, I by far prefer the fresh mint. Teeth were less sensitive and the fresh mint taste lasts long, guaranteed fresh breath!
Great fresh taste this toothpaste does not only clean your teeth or freshens your breath but is also pain relief i
Sensodyne Fresh Mint
I have love for all of the sensodyne tootpaste products. I felt fresh. I liked that it is cleanses the mouth well. The product does not need any improvements.
It’s Repaires your sensitive gums whilst cleaning your teeth and gives you a fresh breath that last longer, it’s works !! No improvements needed
My husbands favourite toothpaste, he enjoys this product as well as the gentle whitening. I would like to see a product for kids by this brand. I would recommend this product...
Its a woow product that is very nice to use and live my mouth clean and fresh it does not have an after taste
Best to use
I had gums problems and my dentist recommended sensodyne for me and i must say its been months with any gums problem.
I only use this
my life saver. i went to my dentist and he gave me a sample . wow wow wow . I never go without it , if i run out and use another product i promise you i go running to the store to purchase it.Even my family uses it now.
Keeps mouth fresh
Sensodyne keeps my mouth fresh all day and my gums are healthy

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