A2 Milk Lactose Free Full Cream Milk

4.2 5 0 55 55 Fresh a2 Milk now available in Lactose Free for those who are medically diagnosed lactose intolerant, or for those who prefer to have a lactose free option. Sourced from Australian dairy farmers and made with 100% Australian pure & natural milk from cows specially selected to produce milk with only the A2 beta-casein protein.
A2 Milk Lactose Free Full Cream Milk


Great product
Love buying the a2 milk brand it always tastes different to the classic one
great tasting
I get this A2 milk form time to time and you can notice difference in taste straight away, Tastes great and family seems to love it but be prepared to pay more than some of the other varieties
changed my life
not going to lie regular milk gave me some problems. i switched to this milk and I've noticed a 100% improvement.
Good taste
. This milk is great for my lactose tolerant son and tastes like real milk
Great tasting lactose free milk
I bought this milk when it was on special, not realising it was A2 milk. I wouldn't usually buy this variety of milk, but I am pleased I did. It has a very nice, smooth taste that I think would be popular with all ages. I thought lactose free milk wouldn't taste this good. I would probably only buy again if it was on special for no other reason than I don't need lactose free milk.
Life changing!
As someone whom is newly lactose intolerant this product has been a god send. It’s the best tasting lactose free milk going around. I don’t get any bloating or discomfort from the product. Highly recommend.
Game changing
This is the best tasting and quality lactose free milk i’ve tried, highly recommend it for anyone lactose intolerant!
Best change I made
When drinking normal milk I often felt bloated and gassy, I decided to give a2 milk a go and those discomforts have gone, I will never change back
Expensive for the taste
Have tried a2 a few times now and have only purchased this in an emergency when we've run out of Coles/Woolworths brand lactose free milk. Honestly a2 tastes only a little better but costs twice as much. Needs to become more cost effective for me to convert to a2 fully.
Great Buy
Having recently discovered I am lactose intolerant finding A2 milk has been a blessing. I cannot taste the difference between normal milk and this making the transition seamless.
Tastes great
Love this milk for my whole family as we struggle with dairy intolerance
Just like normal milk
I have tried this and cannot make a difference between the milk. I usual only drink normal milk but at work one day my friend made me a coffee with A2 milk and it was exactly the same. Would definitely buy this milk again
Good milk
It is easy to consume every day. The price is cheap.
Gentle on stomach
A2 milk is one of my family's favourite milk. This is gentle on stomach and digests well for my family. It taste great, and feeling great after drinking it. Very happy with this milk. I will definatly purchase this product again.
Easy on the tummy milk
This milk is great. I used to have tummy issues after regular milk & this milk tastes the same as regular milk & no more tummy issues.

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