4.3 5 0 6 6 Vitasoy Soy Milk is made with 100% whole organic soybeans.
Vitasoy So Milky Soy Milk
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My current favourite
My current dairy free alternative. Like the taste. Only down side is it clumps up a bit when I heat it up. Not sure what I did wrong. I would still buy it though
Love this milk!
Being very picky on my milk, i gave this one a try. It was one of the best i have ever had and will definitely keep buying this.Doesnt make me feel bloated which is a massive plus.
Tastes great!
The Vitasoy soy milk is great. It has a light texture and a very subtle taste that is very similar to milk. It's healthy and goes well with coffee or on top of my cereal. Highly recommend!
This is my favourite soy milk
We use this soy milk daily. It doesn’t have a strong after taste and I enjoy it in my coffee.
One of my favourite plant based milks
Vitasoy always do milk alternatives really well and this one is no exception. I really like how "milky" it tastes and it's neutral creamy flavour and texture make it great in tea or for cereal/baking etc. Definitely a good one!
This brand of soy milk is absolutely delicious, you cannot go past drinking this milk or pouring it into your cereal. Absolutely delicious and the kids (who are fussy) LOVE it to! It’s a winner in our household and a healthy winner

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