Bürgen 85% Lower Carb High Protein Sunflower & Linseed Loaf

4.5 5 0 52 52 Developed with nutritionists and bakers, each delicious Burgen loaf is carefully formulated to help your body work better. It contains less than 3 grams of carbohydrates per serve.
Bürgen 85% Lower Carb High Protein Sunflower & Linseed Loaf


This bread is ok, it’s tasty . But is a bit dry for my liking. Toasts well and also freezes well. Just needs to be a little softer
Excellent for maintaining health and well-being
I absolutely love this bread , it's soft and light easy to toast or even make that healthy sandwich has a delicious seeded and grain texture would recommend this bread 100 percent
Love all Burgen bread
Perfect for morning toast or a lunchtime sandwich. It tastes great whether you're in a sweet or savoury mood. Plus - love the seedy texture!
Lifesaver for gestational diabetes
Having recently been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, coming across this bread has been a real life saver as it’s low carb but doesn’t lose any of the elements that make bread bread! I could eat this knowing it wouldn’t spike my blood sugars and the seeds gave the texture extra bite. The low GI recipe meant that I wasn’t burning through energy quickly and it’s something I’ll continue to purchase once baby is born.
Pleasantly surprising
This bread has a seedy texture, perfect size, and cooks well in the toaster. Great alternative to white bread, and you are doing your gut a favour. Will continue to buy this bread to eat everyday.
Pretty good for low carb
I've tried alot of low carb breads but this one is very good, a far better texture than most, toasts up well and makes a nice healthy sandwich. Very nice.
Great for Type 2 Diabetics
This is the standard loaf we use in our household. It's very filling when used to make sandwiches. The only negatives is that it smell unusual when toasted but it still tastes good. The other is that it does goes mouldy quickly so we have to freeze half a loaf at a time.
Seriously good bread :)
This bread is seriously good and wholesome both with sweet and savoury toppings..
Good Bread
I prefer this brand of bread over others; it is great for my active lifestyle; it is readily available in shops and fresh.
Perfect for Keto
This bread is a lifesaver if you're on a low-carb / keto diet. 2.5g net carb per serve (2 slices). The bread itself isn't dry like some other brands, and has a nice soft / seedy texture. Also toasts well, which is great.
Tastes like cardboard
Usually eat their rye bread which we love but decided to try this one out. Found it tasted like dry cardboard. Very strange taste and texture. Neither myself or my wife enjoyed it and we ended up throwing it in the bin.
Fresh Bread!
I really enjoy this bread, it stays fresh and is a better option when you still want bread and are watching your calorie intake. I love the crunch and texture!
Bergun bread.
I found the product very tasteful and filling.
Love this bread on keto!
This is my only go to bread on the keto diet. I wouldn’t think I am eating a low carb bread, I love it! It seems to have a longer shelf life too which is a bonus
Best and lowest carb I have tried
Lucky to have this product around if you are doing keto or low carb diet. Good for sandwich but better as toast. Alway buying this whenever I run out.

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