Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling Water Raspberry

4.6 5 0 72 72 Pure Australian Spring Water infused with delicate bubbles and a hint of natural raspberry flavour. No sugar, sweeteners, no preservatives and low calorie.
Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling Water Raspberry


Lovely and refreshing
This is a refreshing drink on a hot day. The flavour is quite mild but it's there😁 There is no sugar or artificial sweetners and no after taste. It's one of my regular favourites. The lime one is also nice😃
Thirst quencher
I love the mount franklin sparkling waters, the raspberry is one of my favourite. They go perfect on a warm summers day,especially mixed with a little vodka.
Quite bubble and hint of berry flavor
I quite liked this mineral water. I found it to be very dizzy which I liked but slightly lacking flavor. I would have like just a touch more. But over all quite a enjoyable drink and will definitely purchase again
Mount Franklin sparkling water
Always in our family shopping list for mount Franklin sparkling water. We just love to try any favor. Raspberry taste refreshing. We use for making cocktail too.
Pretty good
If you like a little flavour in your water, this is a great light addition
My hubby was looking for something different to drink at work, as plain water gets boring! And he was having a can of soft drink or 2 a day, so decided to try the Mt Franklins sparking waters. They were a hit with not only hubby, but the kids. Now, I don't buy soft drinks anymore, the kids are happy to have a glass of this instead! All the flavours we have tried are good, but I love raspberry the best, just a subtle flavour, and not sweet at all. Very refreshing!
A must during pregnancy!
I don't drink sparkling water often, however while pregnant mount franklins lightly sparkling raspberry flavour was a must for me. It helped with the constant feeling of morning sickness and the touch of sweetness helped the gag reflex as I could not stomache plain water. I now purchase these on hot days.
My new favourite drink. Not sweet, but great raspberry flavor. Great drink for summer days
Like it
Lovely refreshing drink and absolutely LOVE that you didn't try and stick any sweeteners in there. The raspberry flavour is really yummy, I must say though I absolutely adore the passionfruit one, that is may favorite but if that is out I'll go to this one next. They are just good value and great flavour, something to mix up having strictly water without adding sugars a junk to your body.
Great refreshing drink without the calories of a soft drink Great taste love this drink
Raspberry no sugar sparkling mineral water
Really good on a hot day. No sugar or sugar substitute. Still can taste the raspberry, but would like the raspberry flavour to be a little stronger.
Nice drink but the flavour doesn't seem just right
I love how refreshing the mineral water is and that its not too bubbly. Although there are no sweeteners added I do feel that it doesn't have a natural flavour but more like a diet drink.
mount franklin bubbly
A light and sparkly drink for a day in the garden,really conquers a thirst on a warm day,a great alternative to water,it's top quality H2o .
light flavoured mineral water
I love flavoured mineral water but sometimes find them to be too sweet like soft drink. This product was much more refreshing due to it's slight hint of flavour. I enjoy this mineral water because it doesn't have that sickly sweet taste. A really nice drink.
A great soft drink alternative
As someone who enjoys a sugar free soft drink in the afternoon, this is a great alternative. Just adds the perfect amount of flavour that regular sparkling water lacks. Light and refreshing!

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