Nestle KitKat Cookie Collision Chocolate Bar

4.4 5 0 69 69 KitKat Cookie Collision Milk Chocolate Bar contains 4 crisp wafer fingers topped with cookie flavoured fudge and cocoa chips, all covered in deliciously smooth milk chocoolate.
Nestle KitKat Cookie Collision Chocolate Bar


Prefer the original
This is a great chocolate bar but would prefer more 'cookie'. I do always love to eat the normal kitkat and would gravitate more to that one as I find this sort of average tasting.
Nestle KitKat Cookie Collision Chocolate
The Nestlé KitKat Cookie Collision Chocolate Bar is a delectable treat that combines the iconic KitKat wafer with a delightful cookie flavoru infusion. With each bite, you'll experience the crispy wafer layers along with the rich milk chocolate and a hint of cookie goodness. This fusion of textures and flavours creates a delightful and satisfying snack that offers a nostalgic KitKat experience with a creative twist. Whether you're a fan of classic KitKat bars or looking to try a new flavour sensation, the KitKat Cookie Collision Chocolate Bar provides a delicious and enjoyable treat that's perfect for indulging in moments of sweetness.
Can't say these are that great . I mean yes they will help your sweet craving but it's not my first choice
The break that just keeps on giving
The new flavours Kit Kat are releasing continue to surprise me. This one was fantastic with a nice cookies and cream taste to it. Definitely a must try!
Not very nice
Personally I didn't like this flavour of kit kat and I usually love kit Kats and all their flavours.
Perfect treat
Exceptional flavour combo! I eat the whole packet sooo fast! Breaks evenly with no excess crumbs. Crunchy texture and ratio between chocolate coating and wafer is excellent. Highly recommend. Perfect amount of sweetness.
I really like this flavour, however, I prefer the ratios of the chunky cookie dough one instead. But can never go wrong with a kit kat, crunchy and creamy all at once! Can get a bit too sweet if you eat like 5 though (trust me on this one)
Nestle KitKat Cookie Collision Chocolate Bar
I absolutely love Nestle KitKat Cookie Collision Chocolate Bar. The fact its already a perfect Kit Kat on its own but with the addition of the creamy cookie dough added makes it so much better.
Crispy texture, yet decadent chocolate
I am a big fan of the original Kit Kat, and decided to try this Cookie Collision version. It still has the light crispy wafer inside but has a cookie dough flavoured centre as well. I find it tasty and decadent, but probably too sweet for my liking. It's nice with a cup of coffee or tea, as a sweet indulgent treat.
Great size and a great snack
A bit smaller than the usual kit kat. Great flavor and now my favourite. Will buy again
Yummy and decadent
Me and my partner really enjoyed this chocolate! It’s rich and decadent and your satisfied after one serving which is nice, we would buy again, definitely one of the better recent flavours they have released
This is yum
I really like this Kit Kat flavor, I could easily eat a whole block of this chocolate, once the kids tried it it didn’t last more then a day in the fridge highly recommended
Stick to the original Kit Kat
After just having tried this product I am happy to say from now on will only be buying the original Kit Kat
These are so yummy! A nice mixture of smooth chocolate covering a delicious cookie mix between the wafers, generous filling. Can't to wrong!
I want a break
To be honest, the best Kit Kat flavour!! Buttery, freshly made cookies smooshed into a Kit Kat. Crisp wafer fingers with a delightful cookie fudge filling and cocoa crisps, covered with delicious milk chocolate who can say No??

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