Rimmel Wonder'Luxe Volume Mascara

3.9 5 0 40 40 Infused with four luxurious caring oils, this mascara will give you smooth lashes and create full-bodied volume whenever you want. Its rich and creamy formula is what you need to get lashes that look smooth and conditioned. And that''s not all, you also get instantly volumised lashes! An all-in-one product that won''t leave your beauty bag.<br> <a target="_blank" href="https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07QL7DZFQ/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=247&creative=1211&creativeASIN=B07QL7DZFQ&linkCode=as2&tag=hometesterclu-22&linkId=9188c2df2645adda4353e82243859818">Rimmel London Wonder'Luxe Volume Mascara, Brown/Black, 11ml</a><img src="//ir-au.amazon-adsystem.com/e/ir?t=hometesterclu-22&l=am2&o=36&a=B07QL7DZFQ" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" /><br>
Rimmel Wonder'Luxe Volume Mascara


Mixed feelings
I tried this product and didn't really like it. I think it is too wet, there is too much product on the wand and it is very easy to get clumpy. However a friend of mine tried it and thought it was great. So I guess it depends on the user, but I wouldn't recommend for a beginner.
Spider lashes
I had alot of hope for this as a dupe for Too Faced mascara and it was nothing like it. To much product gets picked up and comes out thick leaving lashed covered in mascara and not in a nice way. Would not recommend if you dont like having spider lashes
Best mascara I’ve ever used.. and trust me .. I’ve tried many a mascara in my time! I’m too old to mess with fake lashes.. A couple of slicks of the wand and my lashes are noticeably fuller and lusher... and I don’t end up with clumps of mascara .. looking like a panda! My go to mascara from now on!
Clumps a little but doesn't irritate the eyes
CON: The first few times I used it it was smooth but after only sitting for a bout a month unused it has gone clumpy. PRO: It didn't irritate my eyes like so many other mascaras do.
Adds Volume
I put this mascara on top of my every day mascara and it adds a mass of volume as I cant use eyeliner its a perfect compromise.
Rimmel Mascara
Really easy to apply with good results. I loved this product and will definitely purchase it again.
Thick & clumpy
First few times worked as a gem... ended up being too think, clumped everytime & the shape of the brush just wasn't doing it for me
Rimmel Wonder L'uxe Mascara
Initially I found this mascara was great. Then, after a few uses I found that the mascara clumped onto the brush. Even though I like the curved brush, I don't think the bristles are big enough. I had no eye irritation from using this mascara and I think the creamy formula is beneficial. tmy
Not a Fan
This was nowhere near as good as competitors brands. Too thick in formula with a too thin brush.
Favourite Mascara
Love it. I have naturally long lashes but use to darken the sparkly ones coming through. Does not smudge or irritate eyes.
Thick and Clumpy
Brush was always coated with too much thick product that made my lashes stick together .Had to wipe brush on a tissue each time I used it.Product did not last and dried out too quickly.Flaked off lashes.Would not recommend.
Eyelash wonders
Great Product currently using it!!! But they do need to make mascaras thinner within the liquid. I always wipe the excess off before it is put on my lashes
It's nice
I think it's a great product, sometimes can get a little clumpy, on my lashes they do. But I definitely liked how it made my lashes longer, I just think they can improve abit by making the lash liquid a little thinner.
Amazing Mascara
This helped to elongate and thicken my lashes, without being clumpy. I love the wand and it is listed at a great price!
I love it leaves my eyelashes looking beautiful like I have eyelash extensions. I would recommend this product to everyone.

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