Sunny Queen Mini Corn & Zucchini Fritters

4.4 5 0 33 33 Full of real, chunky ingredients, Sunny Queen Fritters are a delicious meal for any time of day. Beautifully golden and rustic in appearance, with delicate egg, our fritters are a taste sensation and will have your diners asking for seconds.
Sunny Queen Mini Corn & Zucchini Fritters


Yummy but a bit expensive
Quick and easy, healthy and delicious, however I found it to be a bit dear for how much you get. $7+ for 10 small pieces (about the size of a 50c coin). I purchased it on special ($5.50) and even then I was wondering if it's worth it - not for a large group of people. It's ok-ish if it's just me, maybe, and only adding a few pieces to bulk up a meal. Not alot of crazy chemicals in the ingredients so that was a plus
I love corn and I love fritters so picked these up to try and while I thought they were tasty. The actual corn inside had very little flavour. Really good for kids or young children to get a little more veggie in their diets. If the corn had more flavour i would love these
Amazing Vegetarian option
I cooked these up for a kids birthday. This was a great option for vegetarian eaters, the kids loved them!
I usually make my own corn fritters but thought thses might be good for times when I arrive home late etc... They are really good. Thanks Sunny Queen for making these. :)
So tasty and a great option
So tasty and a great option for a snack. Definitely something to pick up to keep on hand for last minute snacking/meal needs. Really tasty. Would recommend for sure! I have brought once and will buy in my next shop too
Grt snack
It’s a Grt snack healthy snack for all age, especially fussy kids. Easy quick to cook into the air firer,
Arvo snack
We love theese as a healthy snack for the little kids even my most fussy kid loves them the are quick and easy in the airfryer and the taste is great a little over priced but still worth it
Great to have a packet in freezer for a breaky or quick lunch with a salad
Great quick snack
So handy to have in the freezer. Quick snack served with sweet chilli sauce. Have also added bacon and tomato for a quick breakfast
New party favorite
Having small children and wanting to provide healthy options for them, these are perfect. Cook quickly in the air fryer for an after school snack without filling them up too much.
Quick & Easy Meal
These are amazing! They have so much flavour, quick & easy meal option with salad. My family loved them so I will definitely be buying them again. Highly recommend you give them a go.
My kids LOVE them
I bought these for my kids to try, they are 2 and 1. They are definitely a hit in our household and will be a regular item for us. They taste delicious and so easy to prepare. Highly recommend
Not a fan!
Fried these and added some tomato relish. Texture was like chewing cardboard, very bland taste even with seasoning. I would suggest going back to the drawing board, I do not recommend.
Sunny Queen Mini Fritters
I love that i have a Woolies open up near me now as the variety in products is so much better. These little mini fritters are great to keep in the freezer and so easy to serve to the kids on their little grazing platters. If i shallow fry them i like to add a sprinkle of parmesan .
Great taste
The only reason i gave it 3 stars is because its quite expensive for the quantity. Otger than than it tastes great, and a vegetarian option.

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