4.9 5 0 49 49 A chunky dip with cashews and feta, perfect with crackers.
Wattle Valley Chunky Roasted Capsicum Dip with Cashews & Feta
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great dip!
great dip that's quickly devoured when i have friends over. Its becoming staple fare on friday nights after work its that good!
Fresh and tasty
A staple in my entertaining toolkit! This is always a hit with guests and I love the chunkiness of the dip. You can see, taste and feel the ingredients. It has a wonderful balanced flavour that isn't too salty and you can taste the complexity and caramalisation from the roasting.
This is one of my favourite dips. I especially love the chunky texture, but the flavour is the bit that's the best. Soo good! It's probably not very healthy though haha. Definitely recommended.
Full of flavour
Loved the chunky taste and texture in this Wattle Valley Roasted Capsicum.
Great snack, absoultely divine. Perfect for a platter with cheese and biscuits.
A great balance
Oh my gosh I can eat the whole tub by myself. The capsicum doesn’t over take the flavours. I love cashews so this mix is perfect
Wattle Valley makes great dips and this is no exception. I love how it tastes and with those ingredients it just HAS to be good for you!
Yummiest capsicum dip created
Divine...I have tried many capsicum dips which haven't wowed me, this one does. The cashews add a little crunch and feta the smoothness, love this combination.
Something Different
It's different from the normal flavours and so moorish. My husband enjoyed it and he is not that keen on capsicum.
Surprisingly good
Not normally a capsicum lover in a dip ( hello tzatszki) I was really surprised and totally converted. Rich in flavour but not overpowering, it tasted home-made and good combination of flavours. Loved it!
Excellent product
I entertain on a regular basis and I am always looking for new dips and crackers for something different this one was a definite winner and crowd pleaser by all. It going on the regular shopping list for the future.
Great taste
This dip is the perfect consistency, had great flavor and easy to spread on a cracker. easym definitely purchase again.
Great taste, will purchase again.
Good tasty product, will purchase again. Good thick consistency and easy to spread on a cracker.
Really great dip never disappointing, great taste,flavors.
Love it
Great product, great quality, love chunky bits, can be used as a spread on sandwiches, combo with baby spinach is wonderful

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