4.3 5 0 66 66 Gently removes dirt, oil, and makeup while ceramides help restore the skin barrier.
CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser Cloths
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Tic tac gomme
Bon gout donne bonne haleine format pratique prix raisonnable
Best face wipes
i love to use these hydrating cerave wipes on my skin. they do not irritate or break me out. They keep my skin nice and hydrated
Great Cleasning Cloths
great cleasning cloths. They stay wet in package and dont dry out. leaves skin cleasned.
My favorite
I love every products Cerave. Have been using their creams from some time now and love it. Those wipes keep my skin clean, hydrated and soft.
Excellente mais un peu collante perd rapidement de sa saveur mais belle élasticité Le fait que ce soit sans sucre... WoW
Bien au début... mais pas jusqu'à la fin
Bon goût, bonne texture, mais perd rapidement ces deux attributs. Il faut en prendre plusieurs pour avoir la sensation de mâcher une gomme, un ou deux ne suffisent pas. La texture devient rapidement désagréable en bouche, après quelques minutes. N'est pas de concurrence à une vraie gomme à mâcher.
Ce que j'aime de ce produit, c'est qu'il ne colle pas aux prothèses et son goût est délicieux et rafraîchissant.
Une gomme de qualité qui garde sa saveur longtemps! La seule chose à redire est qu'elles sont un peu petites.
A big game changer
This has made a huge impact on my personal appearance. I have had the worst time trying to find a product that truly worked on my face without ever drying or breaking it out. I have used this product for the last month and I am so happy with it. I'm glad I tried it out because it has my skin feeling radiant.
I really like this product. I use the hand cream and was excited to try these. They do a great job, and leave my face feeling great.
Amazing in skin
My daughter uses a lot of make up and likes to have a nice product that doesn’t dry out her skin or cause acne this one seems to be her favourite so far Ok
good product
Use several products by this brand. I will continue to use them.
CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser Cloths
I am in love with these cleansing cloths. Removes make-up, dirt and oils in a snap. Always leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. I'll definitely buy these again.
Se produit est a la hauteur de mes gout mes moi et les tic tac nous ne fesons quun
Would Recommend
Always leaves my skin so smooth and moisturized! I suffer from dry and oily skin. This is one of the only products that dont leave my skin feeling worse than before. I use it at least once a day!

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