4.5 5 0 127 127 5 super grains coated in peanut butter and soft-baked for a chewy, crunchy part of your morning breakfast. With each 50g serving having 19g of whole grains, they're the perfect source of sustained energy throughout your day.
KIND® Breakfast Bar Peanut Butter
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A neatly packaged, healthy belly filling snack. Yum!
Delicious, satisfying, excellent for on the run. I have these in my bag all the time
Yummy treat!
Love these kind bars!! We recently held a golf tournament and included these in each of the golfers goodie bags - they were a big hit!
Very tasty
I’m a peanut butter fanatic who is obsessed with these bars, they are delicious and the fact that they’re organic makes them that much better!
Good snack
I like Kind bars for their minimal ingredients however do feel like the texture is a bit off-putting (For me at least)! but i would still choose them over other bars:)
Granola bar
Makes for a tasty snack. Not too dry and filled with flavour.
I actually really enjoyed these! They have a nice subtle peanut butter flavour. A good choice to start your day they are healthy and high in protein! They are easy to pack and eat if you are in a hurry but still need something healthy and nutritious to start your day!
Gluten free
Being gluten free makes it hard to find a fast delicious snack for on the go. They were easy to bring along to work or play. Taste could be improved. Other flavors were better.
Handy to go
I like the flavour and the texture of the bar. It is chewy and I break it into pieces as I eat it. The peanut butter is the right amount and with the combination of the other ingredients, it's satisfying and filling. Portable, no mess and handy on the run.
Great snack in the morning
I tried this as i love peanut butter. It was a great snack, Tasted like real peanut butter,
Great breakfast for on the go
I like to grab this as im heading out the door to eat on my way to work. This gives me the energy to wake me up and get me to work. I really like this flavour but wish they came out with more options.
Not bad at all
I like this product because I don’t have time to make or eat breakfast so I grab a bar and I can eat it in the car or with coffee at work and I’m just fine.
Nice snack
I love peanut butter. These are perfect for an afternoon snack. Really like the taste.
Yummy and filling
My first thought when I got them was that it's a small bar. But I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn't hungry after I ate it. And since then I have been eating those bars for breakfast.
Lots of Peanuts
I really liked this bar, make a nice satisfying snack and small to carry around.

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