SodaStream Soda Press Organic Syrup Old Fashioned Lemonade Flavour

4.1 5 0 20 20 The way they used to make it. This award-winning lemonade is an old classic with a twist.
SodaStream Soda Press Organic Syrup Old Fashioned Lemonade Flavour


Nice option!
We tried this last week and although we weren’t blown away it is a nice option. It has a nice lemonade taste, not over powering but if you want it seeeter or more flavourful you will have to add more than the recommended quantity. Don’t see myself reaching out for it daily but once in. A while it’s nice to have at hand
Didn’t like the taste
My husband bought it a few days ago. He tried it and I tried it we both didn’t like to and ended up throwing it away.
Excellent change from using cola in the Soda Stream!
Purchased this as it was new and different for my Soda Stream...first love the glass bottle as it keeps better in glass vs plastic....also the taste was terrific and refreshing....keep making more of these new products please for our soda stream! A great change from purchasing cola's to use instead in the soda stream and with summer coming an excellent new flavor to enjoy! Also love that it is natural products being used excellent idea and would like to try more from this company!
It was ok
The flavour was ok but it wasn't a big punch of taste unless you added more than recommended.
Best flavour by Soda Stream
I have worked a few events as a brand ambassador for this company at pop up shops and in store and having tried several of their flavours I have to say this is by far the best one they have come out with in the new glass bottle collection! For $10 you can't go wrong with this!
Summer drink mix
My girlfriends has a Soda Stream and loves this flavour! It is pretty great! She uses it to create fun new summer drinks on it's own with alcohol or as a splash hint of sweetness to others!
C’est vraiment le meilleur concentré pour la n’achète que celui -là est à essayer...
Bought the pink lemonade one and it was delicious. Love that it is made with cane sugar.
Nous avons bien aimé ce produit! Je recommande a tous!
Very refreshing, an amazing addition to the soda stream inventory. Love it.
Light and perfect!
My biggest complaint about most flavourings is that they are so concentrated and I almost always add too much by accident. I know that this being thinner and less concentrated is a negative for many, but it's perfect for me!
C’est bon mais pas pour en acheté une caisse seulement a l’occasion
Soda press
These are great for adding to sparkling water, very refreshing and slightly more affordable than other brands...a good variety of flavors
Have to use more
The syrup is not as thick as other syrups and you end up using more. Also had a bitter taste
Not for me
I was excited to finally find a different flavour for the use of our soda stream, however, I was left disappointed. I felt you needed to use quite a bit of it to actually get a good flavour out it. Was ok, glad I tried it but won’t be purchasing again.

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