4.3 5 0 145 145 The World's first plant-based burger that looks, cooks, and satisfies like beef without GMOs, soy, or gluten.
The Beyond Burger®
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When I first tried it I wasn't told that it wasn't real meat. Was about four burgers in when I was informed. I love them. Makes me wanna stop eating meat all together if it's this good!
A fantastic sustainable alternative to meat
I am glad we are starting to see more and more plant based products available. The Beyond Burger is one of my favourites. I know it is not meant to be a healthier option, and it is not marketed as such. It is meant to be a sustianable alternative to meat, and boy does it taste similar. I am impressed how they've got the process down to the tee, adding beet juice to make it look like meat. It's a sustianable option that makes a difference. Instead of burning down rainforests for raising cows and feeding them, we now have burgers that taste like meat but are completely plant based. My only criticism is the price point. If they keep the price point this expensive, no one is going to fully commit to switching,. There is going to be a competitor that comes out with a better alternative at a fraction of the cost they're charging and I hope they're ready for that...
Great veggie option
Taste and value is great. Goes well with other toppings. Good nutritional value. Very happy it’s offered in Tim Hortons.
non merci
c'est ecris en vert soi dison a base de plante! mais sa na rien de santé c'est super modifié… perso je ne donnerai pas a mes enfants
It was very good considering it was not real meat, the texture and taste were both very similar
Can’t Believe it’s not meat
I 100% could not tell this wasn’t meat....and shhhhh my husband had no idea and I am not about to tell him.
Taste like real meat
This taste like real meat, so good I would recommend
Great Burger
These look very real and taste fabulous. It was hard to believe that they are meat and gluten free. So hard to find good burgers for a vegan that is gluten intolerant and not full of chemicals. Love these.
Tasty veggie burger!
These are a very good non meat burger alternative. They may taste "somewhat" similar to a beef burger, but not really...I don't think you are going to fool any meat eaters into thinking it is beef. And as a non beef eater myself, I am not looking for something that tastes like beef anyways...I just want it to be tasty. I appreciate these are low carb (unlike most veggie burgers) and dairy free. The only downside to these really is the price, as they are very pricey at 2 burgers for $7, so I only buy them if they go on sale.
Who says burger has to made with meat???
Being a Vegeterian, I am always looking for option for extra protein. Got a real good plant based option - Beyond Meat Burger!! Perfect texture, taste, smell. Though sometimes, I think the salt content is bit too much but I would say that would be personal preference.
Excellent imposter!
I first tried the beyond meat burger with some skepticism but was wildly surprised when I realized it was really good. The taste is great but more importantly it has the texture of a beef burger. Very good!
Really great plant based patty
I’ve been a vegetarian for over 15 years and really struggled with finding a tasty meatless burger. I finally found my match!! These patties are delicious and I feel good knowing that it is plant based. The product is a bit pricey so I do try to buy them when they are on sale. They are a bbq staple in our house!
Very tasty
I thought the taste really captured what a beef patty tastes like. I really like the concept of plant based food that mimics the taste of meat. I love eating meat but my stomach doesnt. Love love love beyond the meat products.
The best.
The absolutely best tasting burger I have ever had in my life. My meat eating boyfriend treat ourselves to this burger almost weekly. It is so beyond delicious. My anti Vegan Supporter dad tried this at a family BBQ and took the leftovers HOME. That shows just how delicious it truly is.
You won't feel left out at bbq's
By all means, this isn't the most nutritious meal but if you are invited to a gathering you won't feel left out. You can enjoy a burger just like everyone else. It taste good, I just don't like the aftertaste. It won't go away even after brushing and rincing with mouthwash. I can digest meat so this is a great alternative for me.

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