4.4 5 0 130 130 The World's first plant-based burger that looks, cooks, and satisfies like beef without GMOs, soy, or gluten.
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In our home, 2 of the 4 of us are vegetarians. Meal planning is difficult to say the least! These burgers satisfy the meat eaters taste for meat, and the vegetarian desire to eat plant based food! The taste is incredible!
Perfect for people who are conflicted about eating meat - it tastes exactly like meat, without the guilty feeling.
tried it and it tastes pretty good. cannot tell it's not real meat. its pricey but worth it.
Cannot really tell its not meat. I dont eat any animal protein so i was happy to try out this product
good product!
The beyond burger is delicious however, the price for two burgers (how they come packaged) is slightly high. there are other brands on the market with clean ingredients, that are much cheaper. Product is tasty though!
Better than a beef birger
In today's society healthy eating has received quite a bit of publicity. I seem to come across a wellness oriented study report or opinion from medical experts in a wide range of disciplines extolling the numerous issues related to diet not only having a direct cause and effect relationship to how our bodies function but also demonstrating the benefits to every organ system simply by being proactive in the choices we make when choosing how to best fuel our bodies. Take for example, a common sense approach we've all heard but may not realize the importance of: garbage in, garbage out. It takes such a minimum of effort to obtain maximum benefits when filling our shopping carts. No one is saying you must become vegan to reap the benefits of healthy eating but why not start slowly and give plant based burgers a try? You can barely notice the difference in taste and texture while providing your body with nutrients and fibre you don't get in traditional beef burgers. A no brainer!
Ive tried this product I could take it or leave it .
Plant based burger
As a vegetarian, I have tried many different meat alternative products. This is by far the best burger on the market. It's flavorful, juicy, and reasonably priced.
Good but pricey
I was eager to try these when they hit my local grocery store! I was shocked by the price, but decided to splurge. We grilled them and they tasted awesome! I was surprised by how the texture and flavour really mimicked a beef burger. I would definitely buy these again, but only if they were on sale to meet my budget. A quality product!
Like The Real Thing
I bought these very popular burgers recently as I had tried them in a couple fast food restaurants first. I love the packaging and the good ingredients. The cook well either in a pan on the stove or ideally on the grill. They taste great and my meat eater husband loves them too. I really wish they come down in price. They are pretty expensive no matter where I buy them.
Beyond burger is Beyond Amazing!!
Ok this plant based burgers is hands down the best meat alternative burger I have tried to date! I have tried a lot. Not only does it capture the essence of a real bbq burger it taste better.
It's About Time!
I have purchased the Beyond Meat burger both in store and at Burger King and actually enjoyed the one from Burger King better. It was a thinner patty which I prefer over the ones that are sold in the store, which are a thicker consistency. I enjoyed the smokey flavor. My only complaints are that they are too pricey and I would prefer if they didn't make the patties so thick. Otherwise satisfied!
Almost as good as beef
Great texture and colour. With some cheese on top, they're close to being as good as a beef burger.
Just like meat
They are right when they say it tastes like meat. I dont think I would purchase them again but they are worth trying
Beyond Meat
Tried these the other night with my Sister... they are a little pricey for 2 patties & I found the aroma of them raw was a bit off-putting, that being said, they grilled up well & the flavour & texture was actually really good!

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