Burt’s Bees Baby Pommade à usages multiples

4,5 5 0 19 19 Moisturize and smooth baby’s skin by forming a barrier against dryness with this 100% natural baby multipurpose ointment.
Burt’s Bees Baby Pommade à usages multiples


Bons ingrédients
J'aime beaucoup leurs gamme de produits et leurs listes d'ingrédients. Ce produit est fantastique pour les peaux exémateuses de mes 3 enfants. C'est un coup de coeur assuré et je la recommande à tous.
J'adore les produits Burts Bees! Celui-ci n'en fait pas exception. Il est doux pour la peau. Il convient très bien à mon garçon.
Great for sensitive skin
My son is allergic to mineral oil and we found that our from many, many diaper rash creams that contain it. Luckily, we found this gem and it has been amazing! It has helped with my son's diaper rashes as well as helped in a pinch for a sunburn! It was so smooth and soothing that honestly I didn't even think that we had originally purchased for a diaper rash cream!
Very smooth
My sister uses this cream for her toddlers, it’s really safe and makes the skin very smooth
Soothes damaged skin
It is meant for babies but it really helps sooth the burned or damaged skin anywhere on the body. I put it on my eczema scars and the irritation and inching stops almost immediately. It also heals the common burns we get in everyday tasks . Really recommend for adults too haha!
Very soft
This cream is so good for when your baby has a rash or a skin irritation. When babies are little they are so sensitive, everything they touch can cause irritation. This ointment is very soft and nourishing. I have used it on myself as well, works great for sensitive skin adults.
Great moisturizer
Great for the whole family to use! Has worked very well on family members with very dry skin and eczema. Has a wonderful subtle gentle smell. It’s my family’s go to moisturizer. Highly recommend this product.
Good for tattoos also
I used it on my son AND on my tattoos and it’s very nice ! Prefered the old version though but still a very good product to have
Would be nice if fragrance free
Its a nice texture and better than petroleum but it does have a coconut smell
Not the same
It's not like the original formula at all. They definitely changed the ingredients. I ended up returning it and buying rocky mountain baby bum balm.
Great moisturizer
I use this product on myself, and only because it actually moisturizers my skin. It’s great for anyone who has sensitive skin and the scent isn’t over powering. 100% recommend
This is an over all great product
Loved this stuff when my daughter was really young used it on her bottom if there was any redness and it was gone the next time I changed her everytime. I also used it for a moisturizer for her and it worked very well.
great moisturiser for sensitive skin
My baby has dry chapped skin from diaper rash and winter weather in a drier climate. I found this next to an oil by the same brand but instead of using a product to bathe her I simply put this on her to lock in moisture after her bath and before bed also a small amount on the dry part of her face, good product but can be used sparingly as well.
Un bon produit
Ce produit laisse la peau douce et dégage une douce odeur pas trop intense. Elle permet de protéger la peau sensible de nos cocos par contre si votre enfant a deja de l'érythème cela ne l'aidera pas a guérir
Baby ointment
It is great for skin eritation and keeps the baby dry n soft and you don't need much


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