Burt’s Bees Baby Pommade à usages multiples

4,6 5 0 40 40 Moisturize and smooth baby’s skin by forming a barrier against dryness with this 100% natural baby multipurpose ointment.
Burt’s Bees Baby Pommade à usages multiples


it works
As a fan of Burt Bees no nonsense products I was excited to try this after the baby oil was a huge hit in our family. This was a little bit of a disappointment. It serves the purpose, thick and sticky but not something unique. Maybe its just not for me.
Delicious smelling and moisturizing
A great alternative for Vaseline for babies. It smells delicious and feels really good. Not really a moisturizer though, it sits on the surface of skin like Vaseline, so be aware of that when using
Great for diapers rashes
When my son had terrible diaper rashes my doctor recommended this to us we were using penaten cream and it just didn't help as much as the Burts bees the diaper rash was gone with in 2 days very quick healing. Also has a nice scent.
Good value
This product A. Smells so good. B. Is safe to use in clothe diapers and works well to keep babies safe from diaper rash.
Love love love!!
A friend of mine bought this for me because she absolutely loved using it for her baby. And I’m so glad she did!! It’s honestly such a great product, so versatile, and it a smells great too!!
It’s the bees knees!
This is literally the only product I will use on my girls! It’s so smooth and gentle on their skin. It keeps them hydrated all day long without a wonky residue. Every time someone holds them they ask what’s on their skin because they smell so divine! Mamas all around, you need to try this!
Multipurpose Ointment
Great option for your baby. It's nice to use this for multiple things. I've used for diaper changes as well for a rash on the skin and even a cut
The best I’ve used
I have used a few different types for my kids but this one has been my favourite
Go to Diaper Cream
I call it my go to diaper cream but It most often serve other purposes too which is why I always have one in my baby/ toddler’s diaper bag. It’s very effective and not too greasy.
its ok
I have purchased this product once on amazon as i was cloth diapering and it was recommended for butt paste. I have also tried it on my children's skin as a moisturizer. To be quite honest i do not enjoy the smell of this product, it is also quite thick and hard to apply. When used for diaper rashes it does not seem to do much in helping healing. It does create a barrier but does tend to rub off quite quickly
my fav
I have tried every single product of this brand. it is very healthy and chemical free. you feel as if you are using honey paste which gives you a fresh natural feeling which is literally the best
Excellent for babies
I used this in cloth diapers. Highly recommend as a safe choice for newborn and all individuals delicate skin. Lasts a long time and used it on skin irritations as well as on baby bottoms.
Cloth diaper friendly
Love the size of this product. Will last a long time since you don’t need a lot so it’s worth the money in the long run. We use cloth diapers and I love that it’s cloth diaper friendly with no greasy residue. Worked great clearing up cradle cap and dry patches. Use it for the whole family!
Great all over ointment
This ointment has been great for diaper changes, dry skin on face and everything in between. The tub is larger than comparable brands and the price is well worth it as you do not need a lot. A little bit will go a long way! It’s not greasy either!
Better than expected
I was looking for a nice product for baby massage and to apply during diaper change since we use cloth diapers but it did even better and started clearing up my newborn’s acne (like in 1 day it was drastically better - my other natural cream that I used for my first son did nothing in comparison). I am in love with the natural smell (it has that beeswax smell that burts bee is known for with a hint of coconut from the oil).


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