Vaseline gelée de pétrole pour peaux sèches

4,8 5 0 332 332 Les bébés ont une peau sensible dont il faut prendre soin avec des produits spécialement formulés pour être doux et efficaces. Exactement les qualités que possède la Gelée de Pétrole Vaseline Gelée Réparatrice pour bébé. Elle préserve l’hydratation afin de traiter et protéger les peaux sèches et sensibles. Composé de gelée de pétrole purifiée trois fois, ce produit pour bébé prévient la sensibilité et la rugosité de la peau.
Vaseline gelée de pétrole pour peaux sèches


All-in-One Hydration
I absolutely love Vaseline’s petroleum jelly because it’s so hydrating! I have eczema and Vaseline works amazingly- almost as good as my prescription medication- to calm down my flare ups. Also a saviour for my lips, they got so dry and started peeling, cracking, and even bleeding a little the other day and so I kept applying Vaseline and my lips are completely different! They feel soft and smooth. A quick lip tip- mix some granulated white sugar into Vaseline and use that as a lip scrub. Works wonders!
This is my tried and true body care. Nothing gets close to this for me. It keeps me. moisturized for a very long time throughout the day.
great product
This is one of those low cost high yield product, it provides a barrier against dampness and helps heal diaper rash. I also use this product on my fingers when they get extra dry during the winters, it heals any peeled skin and also prevents it. Overall great product, oh yes.. i forgot to add, it is sticky. one tub goes a long way!
Always have this on hand!
Vaseline is a go to in our house. For those dry Canadian winters it’s great to grab this to help heal and dry or cracked body parts. I love slathering my feet at night with cotton socks, keeps them so smooth! Highly recommend!
Best thing for diaper rash
We've been using this particular Vaseline jelly for the past 3 years. Really helps with diaper rash and overall moisturizing.
My Go To
Valseline has been around for ever & for good reasons. It’s a staple in my bathroom. I had a flare of dermatitis on a corner of my lip, perhaps a lip product or allergy to my little dog, not sure. Anyway a visit to the dermatologist, a prescription & he recommended Vaseline for everyday use. Great results, I keep Vaseline on my nightstand, & one in the kitchen. It’s great in the winter on hands & feet with white gloves & socks to with dryness.
My husband gets chapped cheeks because he has to wear feminine products to prevent leakage while he works. When they get sore and raw, he asks for Vaseline to protect and heal. This product does the trick.
Best Vaseline There is Out There!
Our daughter is two and a half and for the first 3 months we couldn’t figure out what diaper creams we should be using (and we bought many different kinds) she just constantly and continuously broke out so we turned to this and it all cleared up and we have never looked back!
Smells like baby fresh
Vaseline is always a trusted brand. I love the smell of this vaseline. It seems thick , the smell is quite strong though. So maybe a little lessen the scent a bit. Would definitely recommend.
Alright, let's talk about Vaseline Healing Petroleum Jelly. It's one of those products you've probably seen around forever, right? It's supposed to be great for healing dry skin and all that jazz. That greasy feeling it leaves behind? Yeah, not the best. It's like trying to rub in cooking oil or something. Takes forever to soak in! It's extremely greasy, I wouldn't recommend.
The go to hydrating product
I’ve been using Vaseline for years as a moisturizer and lip balm. It has a thick consistency that is perfect for hydration especially in the winter months and doesn’t have a scent so it isn’t overpowering. It can be a bit greasy feeling after applying so I try not to use layers that are too thick.
Great for diaper rash
I use this as a protective barrier when my child has diaper rash and it helps immensely. I highly recommend keeping this on hand if you have kids in diapers. The added protection is a must!
Petroleum Jelly
You can use it for children, although some may find its texture greasy, and it does the job very well. Overall, it's a budget-friendly, time-tested solution for various skincare concerns.
Versatile product you can use for multiple areas hands, lips,feet. Keeps them soft in the harsh winter and from sun.
Perfect for Adults not just babies
I have been using Vaseline as an adult for the longest time! It’s perfect for keeping lips moist especially in Canadian winters. Its also perfect for Eczema skin, a thin coat helps lock in skin’s moisture to releave the itchy areas.


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