Fixatif TRESemmé Tres Two

4,5 5 0 191 191 Le fixatif Tenue Extra TRESemmé Tres Two aide à discipliner vos cheveux sans les rendre rigides. Vous n’êtes peut-être pas en contrôle de ce que la journée vous réserve, mais avec la gamme de produits capillaires professionnels de qualité Tres Two de TRESemmé, vous êtes au moins en contrôle de vos cheveux. Avec Tres Two, TRESemmé propose des produits plus efficaces et plus abordables, formulés pour vous aider à obtenir et à conserver un style capillaire de qualité au quotidien. Du fixatif pour cheveux à la mousse professionnelle, TRESemmé vous offre un volume spectaculaire. Le fixatif Tenue Extra Tres Two de TRESemmé est le fixatif capillaire féminin numéro 1 au Canada, il donne à tous les types de cheveux et à tous les styles, le maintien nécessaire sans l’effet collant et rigide des autres fixatifs en vaporisateurs. La formule sans eau de ce fixatif TRESemmé offre une résistance à l’humidité pendant 24 heures et vous donne l’impression de sortir d’un salon de coiffure. Il lutte contre les frisottis et les mèches rebelles tout au long de la journée. Mode d’emploi : Débutez avec le shampooing, le revitalisant et d’autres produits coiffants TRESemmé. Vaporisez le fixatif Tenue Extra Tres Two sur vos cheveux secs, en sections, à environ 25-30 cm de votre tête. Pour une tenue plus forte, vaporisez davantage de produit aux endroits où vous avez le plus besoin de contrôle. Pour obtenir un maximum de volume, renversez votre tête et vaporisez le fixatif sur toute la chevelure. Ce produit est offert en grand format pour que vos cheveux restent beaux plus longtemps.
Fixatif TRESemmé Tres Two


Spray and hold
My overall opinion of this product is that i am currently using this at home and if you are the kind of person wanting a natural bouncy finished look, then this is perfect.
Does the Job, but don't Love.
If you're looking for a reliable hold that lasts throughout the day, TRESemmé Extra Hold Hair Spray certainly delivers. I'd rate it 3 out of 5 stars. While it effectively keeps your style in place, I found it to be a tad too strong for my liking, leaving my hair feeling a bit crunchy. However, if you're in need of serious hold without worrying about your style budging, this product is definitely worth a try. Just be prepared for a little stiffness in exchange for that lasting hold.
Bon fixatif
Très bon fixatif. Ne colle pas. Sens bon. Je le recommande vivement
My holy grail
I have tried several different types of hairsprays; various price points, different brands, liquid vs. Aerosol, strength of hold, etc. This one stands the test of time over and over again. I’m have naturally wavy and frizzy hair and this hairspray definitely helps significantly. I always keep an extra in my stash, so I never run out.
It works!
I have been using this brand of hair spray for quite some time. I like that it is unscented and holds hair in place without being really stiff looking.
I love this hair spray! My hair is beautiful with this spray! I recommande to any body else
Fine Hair
I have very fine hair and this product works for me!!!
Tresemme green
I love this one. Wish they would bring it back or tell me what colour they changed the green too?
Will not use anything else
TRESemmé is my go to product for shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray. Is never heavy or makes hair crunchy, great hold!
My husband and I share this
At some point, I'm not sure when, but my husband starting using(and sometimes) stealing my hair spray. This is the one that I purchase the most often and he loves it as well. Gives a manageable hold without being too stiff or leaving a residue.
This holds ..just nicely. No sticky film. Looks natural.
This hairspray is very effective and reasonably priced. It holds the hair in place all day and the spray application is a nice and strong mist. It does have a strong "hair-spray" scent which is expected. It can make your hair crunchy if you use too much so be sure not to over-spray!
Great hold
One of the best hair sprays I've used really good hold. Has a nice scent to it too. I don't use it much as i have naturally curly hair but it works great for when I want to do a updo
Great Hold
Fantastic hold, this is my go to product, for all styles.
love it!
The best hairspray that holds my hairstyles. I have very thin hair and my curls tend to not hold easily. This hairspray is perfect and helps to hold my curls for so long. It is also very reasonable priced.

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