4,3 5 0 110 110 Sunlight® Oxi Action™ Sachets Action aide à éliminer la graisse, les taches et les aliments cuits au four sans pré-rinçage
Sunlight® Lave-Vaisselle Oxi Action Citron Frais 55ct
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Excellent et abordable !
Nettoie très bien la vaisselles même si elle n'a pas été rinçés au préalable et qualité/prix , difficile à battre !
Bon rapport qualité prix
Ce produit a un très bon rapport qualité prix. Il offre une excellente puissance de nettoyage à un prix abordable. Aucune tache n'est visible sur les ustensiles et la vaisselle après le séchage. Ce produit est compétitif par rapport à certaines autres marques très dispendieuses.
I found these gave my dishes a great clean my dishes didn't have to be rinsed off again after they do when I use other products.
Just awesome 👍
Works on the greasiest dishes in the dishwasher. All my dishes came out sparkling clean.
Sunlight dishwasher tabs
Worked very well in my dishwasher. Everything came out sparkling clean
Good pod
I buy these at the dollar store and it’s the best value, dishes come out looking good
I LOVE sunlight dish soap and was thrilled to see dishwasher pods, they work amazing!
Dish washing soap
Cleans dishes with no problem Yes cut back on smell Have tried other dish soaps Dissolved nicely in washer Yes some tablets have very strong smell
Dish tabs
Gets dishes clean and sparkling. Decent pricing! Def recommend
Only just started using a dishwasher this past year. Before that I did it the old fashion way, by hand. I was worried about spotting and dishes not getting cleaned properly but these have been great.
Works for light jobs
I found that this product worked okay with light loads i.e. required a basic wash and didn't have must dirt, stuck on food or grime. I was not overly impressed with the finish. It didn't provide the glistening finish that I'm used to. Also, I found it much less likely to work when I put it in the dispenser - dishes came out dirty although it dissolved and there was none remaining in my dishwasher. It worked better if I put the tab directly into the dishwasher.
Works great
I have tried these pods in the past, I prefer them over some of the more expensive brands. They work well without leaving and residue like the more expensive brands do. I have switched to the non toxic brands which I prefer although this would be my second choice.
sunlight dishwasher pods
works great,dose not leave cloudy residue,rinceing the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher is not necessary
Fantastic product
I love this product throw it inthe washer and turn it on.
Dishwasher detergent
This product works great and smells really nice. No complaints.



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