Eucerin Spotless Brightening Boosting Essence

4.5 5 0 18 18 Enriched with Vitamin C, Panthenol & Hyaluronic Acid to regenerate skin for a brighter, soft & radiant skin. Effectively works from the first application and sui--for all skin types.
Eucerin Spotless Brightening Boosting Essence


I actually received this product as a set for my birthday and I swear, it is so good! the texture of the essence itself is just nice for me. not too thick and not too light. I used this about 2 months and for me I do love it. Eucerin product has always been one of the products that I would repurchase as the product does not give out a burn feel when used nor react badly on a sensitive skin user like me. it is very gentle yet does work on my skin. would highly recommend it for sensitive skin users!
memang menjadi
pakai yang trial pack haritu nampak yee keberkesanan dark spot cepat pudar, tapi nak beli yang botol ni harga agak keras
Slow but sure results
I used this on my post pimple scars. Didn't really see much of a difference immediately but the scars did seem to lighten with consistent use for a few weeks. Overall not too bad, but takes time for results to show. Does not break me up. Used togther with the serum
Bagus ye untuk hilangkanparut hitam atau jeragat dimuka. Memang efektif. Berbaloi beli walau harga sedikit kayangan
My favourite boosting essence
This boosting essence is lightweight and easy to absorbed by my skin. Since using this product, I've noticed a brighter and smoother complexion. I love how lightweight it is and leaving it feeling soft and refreshed
product ini i dapat sample sebelum ini. i try guna suka sangat. memang bagus kulit saya nampak cerah and kesan parut semakin pudar. so i decide to buy one n start to try rdy. thanks
My Holy Grail essence
Kesan kesan bekas jerawat cepat pudar, dan mencerahkan wajah saya, suka pkai tiap malam, bgun pagi, muka nampak shinning dan glow up
Eucerin Boosting Essence
Saya dapat cuba sampel percuma dari eucerin. Memang bagus, kulit saya nampak cerah n kesan parut semakin pudar. Saya sukakannya. Mungkin akan beli botol besar nanti.
Eucerin serum
Already use it for 1weeks, but my friends and mom said my face getting more bright! Its so expensive but not gonna regret buying it!
Skin care
Sesuai dengan kulit, tidak mengeringkan....kulit melembab sepanjang masa...mmg best....akan beli lg bila masa yang sesuai sbb harga yang agak lumayan juga...kena kumpul duit kalau nak beli ni :)
Eucerin spotless brightening
Dapat cuba free sample dari eucerin. Kalau berkesan untuk bintik hitam, nanti nak beli botol besar lah. Bau wangi, moisture, tak berminyak, kulit lembut. Bagus untuk semua jenis kulit.
Love it
I love it because my skin more smooth and brighten after use it
Eucein essence
I like using theis Eucerin spotness essence as It leaves a satin-like softness all over the face and my skin feels more hydrated and younger-looking. the price point is super good.
Eucerin essence
I like its water-like texture, it helps to instantly refresh skin and makes my skin seem smoothed and tightened and hydrated. the price point is affordable and reasonable, it is worthy.
Even my skin tone
This Eucerin spotless brightening essence is good and efficient, it is clinically proven to instantly boost skin's moisture to keep it hydrated and rejuvenated all day. The price is good.

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