Skinmiso Pore corset serum

4 5 0 11 11 Specially formulated for skin suffering from enlarged pores and oiliness, this serum is enriched with witch hazel, hijikia and green tea extracts to tighten pores, regulate sebum production and restore hydration and firmness.
Skinmiso Pore corset serum


My secret Young Skin
since I've been using this serum pore secret serum, my pores that are the size of craters are getting smaller, because I use them consistently. but, don't skip basic skincare and every step has to use the correct method if you want the pores to fade quickly, the method; cleansing oil (makeup remover), face scrub, face wash, toner, essence @ serum and finally use a water-based moisturizer to make this serum work easily. Believe me, if you follow my tips, efforts will never betray the results. now, my face is more elastic and tight than 10 years ago. and believe me, every skincare when we use it with the right technique, the skincare will work well and the results are amazing as if we are using an expensive product, even though the price is cheap. girl, u must have one.
Good to use
After using this pore corset serum, My pore appear tighter and less visible. It really helps to strengthen my skin barrier and my skin texture seems more refined and less fatigued .
Pore corset serum
This Pore corset serum reduce the appearance of my pores, it is concentrated way to revive firmness. my skin has been plumped up. It appears firmer and youthful after using it.
Hydrated Serum
This Pore Corset Serum makes my skin very hydrated, looking smoother; and your complexion fresh and rested, it reduces my pores appearance and the texture is light and comfortable.
Pore less visible.
After using this pore corset serum, my skin feels as rejuvenated and renewed and my pore appear tighter and less visible. My skin look smooth and it show a youthful apperaance.
Not very effective for me
All i could say it may works but very very slow and to say that i already used it about 3 bottles but still didn’t see much difference. Not to forget quite pricey too
Not much
I bought this serum few years back from Althea website. Kinda pricey but I bought it anyways because I was sold reading all the good reviews and I have oily skin and large pores. However it did nothing to my skin. My skin was still oily, my pores were still visible. Just glad it didn't give me breakouts. I was halfway thru the bottle then I gave it away to my sister. She has the same skin type as me and she claimed it did wonders for her. Idk, maybe this is what they mean by YMMV (your mileage might vary). I didn't repurchase and my sister also found another good serum half the price after she finished this. Wouldn't recommend if you're on a tight budget.

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