Garnier Bright Complete Anti Acne Serum 30ml

4.7 5 0 15 15 Say goodbye to your acne with Garnier Bright Complete Anti-Acne Booster Serum with a combination of 4% Vitamin C + Salicylic + Niacinamide + AHA to fight acne & face acne spots. Get visibly brighter & clearer skin this Ramadan.
Garnier Bright Complete Anti Acne Serum 30ml


Great ingredients
Once I read the ingredients, I believe it will help to lessen my acne at least. The salicylic acid and niacinamide are great ingredients to cure acne. I use it at night as I'm also use another serum to treat my skin problem.
Effective !
This serum is very effective, I can see the change from one day to another. I stopped getting as many acnes, breakouts and my redness got better. I will keep using this amazing serum
Saw results in weeks
I think this serum is pretty good. Works as it said. It took about 1-2 weeks to see results where there is significant less active acne and pimples. But at the begining, first few days, there were slight redness patches and more small little pimples, but after that it gets better.
Okay not bad
Berkesan, i noticed there’s no acne after 2 weeks i used this products. The texture absorbed well in my skin.
Sangat berkesan
Selepas memakai produk ini seminggu, terlihat kesan sikit demi sedikit. Jerawat makin berkurangan. Parut makin kurang dan juga membantu untuk mengecutkan jerawat yang baru tumbuh. Sangat berpuas hati. Kulit makin hari makin sihat
Best serum
Suka sangat serum ni ia cepat resap dan hilang kesan tompok hitam kat muka
Berkesan dan sesuai
Serum ni sangat sesuai dengan saya. Selepas seminggu prnggunaan saya dah boleh nampak kesan pada wajah saya. Jerawat berkurang dan kulit glowing.
Good to use
After trying this face serum, my acne problem is reduced, It helps to strengthen my skin barrier and my skin texture seems more refined and less pimples, the price is affordable.
Highly recommended
Saya mempunyai bekas hitam pada kulit kerana jerawat, hilang Selepas 3 hari penggunaan, bekas hitam yang biasa, jika bekas parut hitam yang besar Dan dalam hilang selepas 5 ke 7 hari penggunaan, perlu guna sunscreen jika guna product Ini pada siang hari Dan reapply sunscreen, atau boleh guna waktu malam Sahaja jika tak tahun reapply sunscreen
Produk yang sangat berkesan
Selepas pakai serum ni kulit saya nampak cerah dan jerawat pun makin berkurang
mesti cuba
saya ada pakai pencuci mudah serum garnier, semua saya beli sendiri, kulit terlihat cerah dalam 7hari pemakaian, memang berkesan untuk kulit saya yang berminyak, saya sangat rekomen kan untuk orang yang mempunyai kulit berminyak.
Kulit makin glowing dan cerah
Selepas pakai kulit makin cerah dan kurang berminyak,jerawat dah berkurangan saya suka dan kulit makin glowing
Selepas pakai kulit makin cerah sekata,jerawat dah berkurangan
Skin more moist
Serum not too sticky like other brand.My skin feel moist & glow after apply few times.The absorption rate bery excellence.Recommended for those who had oily skin and rough skin.

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