Garnier Light Complete Booster Serum

4.6 5 0 62 62 Discover the NEW Garnier Light Complete Booster Serum with Vitamin C, the most concentrated brightening formula with the highest 30x Vitamin C* and Japanese Yuzu Lemon. This fast absorbing serum works deep^ to lighten dark spots and acne marks in 3 Days**. ** Instrumental test on 30 women ^ Up to epidermis layer
Garnier Light Complete Booster Serum


Tiada Lagi Kulit Kusam dan Bintik Hitam
I've been tried so many other brand of face serum. Ada yang berkesan tapi sekejap je. Lama-lama tak nampak effect dah. Selepas cuba apply serum vitamin c dari Garnier ni, kulit saya nampak semakin cerah, kurang dark spot, tidak berminyak walau seharian dan paling seronok serum ini mudah didapati dan harga murah. Tekstur dia ringan dan cepat sangat menyerap ke dalam kulit. You should try!
A Life Saver Product!
I've struggling on my scars for years. I also tried a lot of skin cares to fade my dark spots. I made research on ingredients that is suitable dark spots. And I found out that Vitamin C is the most important ingredients that helps to fade dark spots. So I went to the drug store to find one. I saw this product, read the ingredients and at last I bought it. When I apply it onto my face for the first time, it feels so good. It's not sticky. Day by day, I rralised that my spots are fading away!! I am so excited to see the changes as I've been struggling it for years. Nad for sure, I've been using it for months now! I pove this product so much!!
Good value for a Vit c Serum
Been using this serum for the past 1 month. The texture of this serum is runny, easy to spread and easily absorbed by my skin. My face dont feel oily at all after the application. After apply the garnier dewy toner, moisturizer (other brand), i apply this serum and then day/night cream (other brand) then Garnier dark spot corrector. The pimple scars has lighten up and im quite satisfied with the result. Affordable for daily use
Dah masuk botol ke 4..sesuai dgn skin sy..cepat serap dan kesan seawal 2 minggu..
Pudarkan Parut
Garnier Light serum pudarkan parut jerawat dan membuatkn tona kulit jadi sekata.Sesuai untuk yang nak hilangkan parut jerawat.
Consistency Is The Key
Consistency is the key to the beautiful and clear skin;it applied to this product. As I am the fan to a product that gives effect right away, this product is an exception for my routine. However, since I have bought a bottle, I try to apply it consistently. I have finished a bottle and I can see the brightening effect to my skin. However, please remember, consistency is the key.
Great for oily acne hyperpigmentation face
I have oily + hyperpigmentation from acne. Its really good for those who have oily skin, doesn’t feel sticky & fast absorbed. Even though it takes time, it really fade my hyperpigmentation. And its cheap too.
the product feels so good on skin and not to mention the smell is so good , the formula is non sticky and fast absorbent , the result may vary depending on people but it works so good on me ( combination skin with acne scars) , and it is so affordable :)
Affordable and Effective Vitamin C Seum
I brought two and use it constantly for two month, it makes my skin feel bright and soft. I can see that the dark spot slightly faded away. Recommend to use the product for longer time to have a better result.
i love it!
i love it. i have an oily skin and full of dark spots from post-breakout. it works well on me and my dark spots start fading after 2 weeks using this product. i recommend using it at night for more effective result. but if you have an oily skin like me, don't use it too much, it clogged my pores when i used a lot.
Skin feels soft
I have combination skin to oily skin and it is very hard to find a suitable serum for my skin. I can see the difference when I used this product my skin getting brighter since this product contains Niacidamide.
Cheap Vitamin C Serum
It's a good, budget friendly, starter Vit C serum. Safe for sensitive skin, but kind of oily. If you wanna ask whether it works or not, you'd probably get better results from the Some By Mi Yuzu line. But then again the Some By Mi line made my skin peel slightly.
Serum Garnier
Ini sangat sangat bagus dan membuat kulit saya tampak cerah dan segar ketika selesai memakai serum ini. Selain itu, kulit saya terasa kenyal dan lembab.
Kulit saya lebih segar
Kulit saya lebih sihat & segar bila menggunakan serum ini. Garis halus pon dah berkurang membuatkan saya lebih yakin dihadapan orang ramai . Terima kasih !
Im statisfying using this
Saya sgt suka menggunakan nya kerana ianya berguna dan berkesan.

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