Goodmaid Dishwash Lime

4.7 5 0 115 115 Cut your washing dishes time with Japan’s advanced degreasing formulation to easily cut through grease and grime. It leaves your dishes sparkling clean and your hands moisturised with the thoughtful presence of Vitamin E.
Goodmaid Dishwash Lime


Cheap and effective in cleaning grime!
Good Maid Dishwashing Lime is your kitchen rescue squad! This superhero cuts through grease like nobody's business, leaving dishes sparkling clean with its advanced degreasing formula. No more scrubbing! Plus, it's a gentle giant, formulated to be kind on hands with added Vitamin E for a touch of pampering. Unlike harsh chemicals, Good Maid Dishwashing Lime boasts a refreshing lime scent, leaving your kitchen smelling invigorated. The price is also soooooo much budget friendly!
Goodmaid Dishwash Lime
Bau lime tu saya suka fresh sahaja dan lembut pada tangan. Tidak mengeringkan tangan ketika membasuh. Buih yang banyak serta dapat menanggalkan kotoran dengan baik. Recommended.
Goodmaid Dishwash Lime
gentle to hand and easy to clean up the oily dishes.
Goodmaid dishwasher lime
Clean dishes with superb power effectively..just a suggestion to change bottle design to a pump function and also to sell the product in refill pack..
Goodmaid Dishwash
Bau lemon yang kuat dan sedap , buih yang banyak sesuai untuk mencuci pinggan , kulit tidak kering dan yang penting kotoran seperti minyak mudah ditanggalkan dengan menggunakan goodmaid Dishwash
Decent Dishwasher Liquid
It's a reliable choice for everyday dishwashing, but nothing about it stands out. It cleans well and has a subtle lime scent, making it a standard choice for the kitchen. However, I personally prefer something that is gentle for the hands and this product doesn't seem to offer that. Nonetheless, still a decent priduct.
Good maid
Saya guna good maid oke jee harga pun muran berbanding yang lain, harga mampu milik sesuai nak basuh kuali pinggang magnkuk yang berminyak, saya recommend lah dekat semua , tak biasa guna cubalah
Bau Segar
Saya dah cuba produk ni. Bau lemon yang segar dan segala kotoran tertanggal dengan mudah.
Concentrated dishwashing liquid
very effective to remove oil and dirts, the dishwashing is quite thick, can mixed with water to use, very good value for money.
Smell fresh
The smell is very fresh and forms a lot of bubbles. It also can clean off oily stuff easily.
Decent performance
Goodmaid Dishwash Lime does a decent job tackling grease and keeping my dishes clean. It's effective, but the performance is not exceptional. The lime scent is subtle, which is a plus for those who prefer milder fragrances. It's a basic option that gets the job done, hence my 3-star rating. While it's not my top choice, it's still a reliable dishwashing liquid.
True kitchen essential
Goodmaid Dishwash Lime is a true kitchen essential. Its powerful formula effortlessly cuts through grease and stubborn food residue, leaving my dishes sparkling clean. The refreshing lime scent adds a delightful touch to the cleaning experience. I appreciate that a little goes a long way, making it cost-effective. With Goodmaid Dishwash Lime, washing dishes has become a quick and satisfying task. It's definitely a staple in my home for its effectiveness and pleasant fragrance.
Better than any other product
I have tried this product and highly recommended. I have sensitive skin and this dish wash never make my hand itch or peel. It really clean all the oily stain on my pot.
suka sangat
saya telah menggunakanya..saya suka dengan bau nya..segar lemon..rasa bersih je..bau limau yang segar
Good scents.
I love using Goodmaid's dishwash as the scents is super light and natural, I with its extract formula, it helps to boost with natural mineral ingredient to stronger degreasing power.

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