PANTENE Shampoo Volume

4.5 5 0 41 41 Pantene Volume Shampoo for Volume Reach to The End for Stronger and More Shiny Hair
PANTENE Shampoo Volume


Thicker hair
I have only used this Pantene's volumise shampoo for couple of weeks, and it have instantly seen an increase in volume, though my main benefit was the smooth,shiny and healthy hair.
Thick hair
Pantene volume shampoo is specially designed for fine hair, this Pantene Volume Nourishment Shampoo helps to add volume, without weighing hair down. my hair looks more and thick now.
Pantene shampoo
I have tried this initially because I was mesmerized by their rich texture; the smell stayed-on and it did not made my hair oily , my hair become thicker after using for few weeks.
Thick hair look
I like using this shampoo as it creates a rich, creamy lather for a delightful shampoo experience, my hair volume increase after using for couple of weeks, I will continue using it .
More hair
I like using this shampoo as it is very effectinve, it is a low-lather shampoo, it’s suit for daily use or for people who have drier and thin hair. my hair looks more after using for few weeks.
Not bad
Not bad. But honestly i think it did not really work.Rambut still gugur. I dont know why. Bau dia sedap tapi tu lah huhuhu. Harga dia okay lah kalau nak compare dengan shampoo lain
Like coming out from the salon
Just love the fresh smell it leaves on my hair, makes my hair softer and manageable. Most importantly Pantene never fails to give what I need in a shampoo.
Syampu pantene
Saya pengemar syampu pantene Dari zaman sekolah Lagi Ibu saya dan saya selalu mengunakanya hinga sekarang, sangat serasi.. sangat wangi, sangat lembut pada rambut, rambut jdi senang d urus... Wangi walau pn saya bertudung Dan berkerja selama 12 jam..
Smooth ,sliky, good smell
Once try this shampoo,I feel amazing. Instantly feel my scalp fresh and my hair become smooth and all my family member are using it ,highly recommended
Dulu saya pengemar Pantene ni.. wangian Dya memang seronok.tpi kmi masih lagi memakai.
Pakai produk pantene dari kecik sampai ke besar. Sangat suka yg baru ni, wangi n lembut ja rambut
Healthy hair
This Pantene shampoo formulated with natural ingredient which can help to balance the excess sebum and purify all kind of hair. It help to reduce hair fall, it reduce the oily scalp.
volume shampoo
After using this series shampoo, my hair is become thick and more volume, it is very obvious, besides, the smell is nice but the only problem I had is that it is not easy to purchase.
Shampoo panteen
Best sangat pakai..rambut pun sangat sangat wangi..serious memang best😘
Dari dulu smpai skrng ttp guna pantene dapat melurus kan rambut

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