SENKA White Beauty Serum in CC SPF50

4.7 5 0 25 25 Toning, brightening skin with high sun protection. Cream 3 in 1 removes age spots, strongly protects the skin against the harmful effects of UV rays and corrects discoloration in 10 seconds.
SENKA White Beauty Serum in CC SPF50


Mudah digunakan,, mencantikkan kulit,,ringan pada kulit wajah..
Rehydrate my skin
This product absolutely good to use.. It give moisture and looking healthy skin with great protection skin from harm of sun and uv Ray.. Looking glowing 😍😘😘
Great product
I've used this product before and it really whitens my skin. Great sun protection too!
Brigthen my skin
Easy to apply! Hydrating and protect my skin from UV ray. It helps to brigthen my skin too. Love it ! It have SPA 50+ and i think it so good
effective product!!!
although i have very sensitive skin, it works perfectly fine and does not irritate my skin. it is very hydrating too! would definitely recommend it to others.
Love it
Saya dah cuba. Ianya sangat sesuai dengan kulit saya.
Good product with reasonable price
My holy grail product. Moist and easy to apply. Price is reasoanable. Definitaly will continue buying this brand and it other range of product.
High sun protection
Me uses as protection from sun, Its toning and brighter my skin.Protect my skin from UV rays and reduce all age face look smooth and barrier
Kulit yang berseri
Dengan penggunaan yang teratur, kulit saya lebih anjal, gebu dan yang paling penting kulit saya kelihatan lebih berseri dan lebih sihat. Saya percaya dengan gabungan produk yang lain dari senka saya akan mendapat tekstur kulit yang saya inginkan! Selamat tinggal kulit kusam!
serum terbaik
kulit menjadi lembut dan sesuai dengan kulit saya yang berminyak.
I would like to try on this product. I believe it can improve my skin problem after use it.
Good product Good product Good product Good product Good product Good product Good product Good product Good product
Daripada review yang dibaca membuatkan saya teruja untuk mencuba produk ini.. Sudah mencuba bermacam produk tapi belum jumpa yang serasi dengan kulit muka.. Harap produk ini produk yang saya cari selama ini.
I had tried so many suncreen before. But no one is suitable for my face. My face is dry skin type. So i wish that this suncreen will suit me well.
I try to find a sun protection that suitable for me.

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