4.5 5 0 17 17 New! Sunsilk Collagen Filler Damage Rescue. Revitalised your damaged hair and bring it to its healthier state.
SUNSILK Super Conditioner Damage Rescue
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Good product
Very easy to use and it smells super nice. Only put it at your hair ends and then rinse it off. It leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth. It does gives a shiny effect to my hair. Super affordable!
Leave smooth and silky hair
I tried this for 2 weeks and it works on me..my hair is better,less breakage and more soft than before.
Say Bye to your fry hair
After using this product, my hair more smoothly and not more dry hair. Strongly recommended to all peoples.
Sekali pakai terus jatuh cinta ❤️
Best sangat. Lepas apply kat rambut, rambut jadi smooth.. takde bau yang tak menyenangkan macam sesetengah produk lain.. highly recomended ✔️
Perapi sunsilk damage
Produk yg baik, sesuai untuk sesiapa yg mengalami kerosakkan rambut terutama mereka yg kerap mewarnakan rambut, kerintingkn rambut dan rambut rosak..
Smooth and silky hair
I found the result faster than other conditioner. Light texture, very smooth on my scalp, make my hair silky, and smells good.
Soft soft
THis conditioner makes my hair very soft, its scents is comfortable and long lasting, it repairs my damage hair and my hair become healthy now.
Super super soft !
I like this hair conditioner as it makes my hair super super soft, it smell good and long lasting, the price is pretty good.
Masalah rambut dapat diatasi
Saya sudah mencuba produk ini, saya amat menggemari bau nya yang wangi. Bau wangi membuat saya lebih berkeyakinan dan selesa dengan nya. Selain itu,masalah rambut rosak yg saya alami juga dapat diatasi.
Healthy hair
I like using this conditioner, I like its smell, it is long lasting and comfort. besides, it repair my damaged hair and my hair is shiny and smooth now.
No more damage hair
This help me to get healthy hair and reduce my hair problem such as damage hair.I am so excited when seeing the result and its had proved that hair problem will be reduced in consistent using with the true ways
Super smooth
After using this conditioner , my hair become more shiny and smooth, I like its fragrance smell as it is not too strong, but the smell is long lasting.
rambut saya jadi lembut dan wangi
sebelum ni lpas shampoo rmbut saya jd kering dan sllu gugur, tp bila dah cuba sunsilk conditioner ni mmg lain, rambut jd lembut dan harum wangi .. sangat2 lembut blh tarik satu2 tanpa kusut....i like this product
Super smooth
This is a super smooth hair conditioner, my hair become smooth and shiny, the scents is a bit too strong and the smell can long lasting for long hours.
betol2 jatuh cinta masa first time pakai conditioner ni..rambut jd kilat and lebat

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