Mister Potato X Daebak Ghost Pepper Crisps

4.1 5 0 32 32 您敢不敢尝尝这款火辣的薯片?每一片薯片中都有一块黑色,这与它的名字是不是特别一致。如果您成功地将它吃完了,记得将您的名字写在罐子的顶部。它将是您挑战成功的一个成就证书!
Mister Potato X Daebak Ghost Pepper Crisps


Good to try
I tried to taste it. what i can say, it hot after end of eating it. need to eat something sweat after.
I got to admit that it's spicy but it's like the right amount of spicy if you really can eat spicy food. Worth to try .
Spicy, but not as spicy as expected
Make no mistake, this is definitely not for those who can't tolerate spice. However, I wouldn't call it a challenge either for those who are regular consumers of spicy food, as it's not on par with the Korean Spicy Noodle's spice levels. There isn't much of a flavour. It just tastes...spicy. But overall, would recommend trying it if you're someone who enjoys spicy food,
Fire-y sensation
This is definitely not your usual kinda chips. I like that the chips are black, it gives it a certain appeal. One bite and you can immediately feel the burn. It's like fire in the mouth ,but in a good way. The spiciness is addictive!
Spicy chips on point
For a spicy lover, is quite good snack for a spicy crave when i need something spicy and crunchy. It will be a little too spicy for non spicy lover but a few piece of it is just nice.
Terlalu pedas
Terlalu pedas. Walaupon penggemar mskanan pedas tp pedas ney boleh buat sakit perut. Boleh makan. Tp kan selali
Sedap n pedas
Bagi pengemar makanan pedas... Cuba ini pasti nak lagi 🥰🥰🥰
A type of very spicy chips. Has a nice kick and flavor. Love it.
Hot and spicy !
I like spicy food and snacks , thus this Ghost pepper chips is suit me, the chips original taste is not covered by the pepper, the chips full of hot and spicy powder for every bite, I love it...
Best spicy chips
It was really spicy and have a good taste, also it's very valuable with the price.


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