Blingpop Lemon Vitamin + Brightening Face Mask Sheet

4.9 5 0 16 16 Get instant healthy glowing skin with Blingpop face mask. It contains 1000ppm lemon extract that is rich in vitamin C that helps hydrates and corrects uneven skin tone. Illuminates and revitalizes your complexion now with Blingpop Lemon Vitamin + Brightening Face Mask Sheet.
Blingpop Lemon Vitamin + Brightening Face Mask Sheet


face mask
i used this once and its perfectly good for me ... feel fresh and smoothing skin...
The Best Facemask sheet I tried
This product from Bling Pop will not only refresh your skin and minimizes your pores but will also give you a whitening effect. What i really like about this product is its scent, plus the affordability of the product. Looking forward to try yheir other masks.
i love this product.....sobbrang ganda sa skin......talagang maganda ang resulta...makinis sa balat at sa lambot....sana matry niyo to at makita ang magandang resulta ng product na ito
Radiant and glowing effect!
This is my first time to try Blingpop face mask. After I used this it leaves my skin a radiant and glowing effect that I've never experienced in other face mask products. Get instant healthy glowing skin with Blingpop face mask. I love that it correct your uneven complexion.
Good one for your face
Love this product it makes my skin refresh and energized after using also give a lighter and smooth finishing after removing it on my face... Leave me feel more relax and even toned skin highly recommend it to all!
Refreshing and citrus-awesome
I bought one of these last time, just bought it because I want to try it. It so citrusy and I love that. It feels like putting slices of lemon in my face without the acidburning. Highly recommended for acne prone skin.
Lemon Mask it is
I tried it once because one of my sister bought it and I can say that yeah its really resfreshing in my face.
Radiant Skin
When it comes on pampering Face mask is my no. one on my list! this is great it makes my skin firmer, minimized my pores and whitening and radiant effect afterwards. so relaxing. it doesn't give youe sticky feeling after taking off the mask but instead you felt relief, fresh and smooth face. the best
Brightens up your face. Glowing effect
I'm not really a fan of face mask but when I ve tried this product, omg it is really amazing! It will gave you a radiant and glowing effect when you use this product. I can't wait to review this product on my next vlog
Lemon for face
Love it it...after using my face feels soft and smooth.nkkafresh ng face will surely use again.

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