4.5 5 0 2 2 Get instant healthy glowing skin with Blingpop face mask. It contains 1000ppm lemon extract that is rich in vitamin C that helps hydrates and corrects uneven skin tone. Illuminates and revitalizes your complexion now with Blingpop Lemon Vitamin + Brightening Face Mask Sheet.
Blingpop Lemon Vitamin + Brightening Face Mask Sheet
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Brightens up your face. Glowing effect
I'm not really a fan of face mask but when I ve tried this product, omg it is really amazing! It will gave you a radiant and glowing effect when you use this product. I can't wait to review this product on my next vlog
Lemon for face
Love it it...after using my face feels soft and smooth.nkkafresh ng face will surely use again.
I would like to try this bec I love facial mask as my daily routine for my skincare everyday. If you are working everyday you want to keep your face fresh everyday.

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